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July 11, 2007

“We” — The Democrats’ Most Vicious Word

Filed under: The Democrats - 11 Jul 2007

Last night I listened to the Democratic candidates’ Presidential debate and I got almost physically sick. They kept repeating their most vicious word, “we”. Here’s some typical policies the Democrat-looter candidates suggested:

Dear American Patriots

Filed under: Immigration - 11 Jul 2007

Dear American Patriots, the Minuteman Project supports all independent Minutemen/women/children organizations and wishes them Godspeed in helping resolve the chaotic illegal alien invasion of the USA. Some day, hopefully soon, we will win the contest we wage with our corrupt …

Jamestown Settlements: Illegal Immigration Run Amuck

Filed under: Immigration - 11 Jul 2007

During the recent debate on illegal immigration culminating with the defeat of amnesty bill S1639, conservatives generally voiced righteous indignation at proposed legislation that would legalize 12-30 million people who entered America illegally. How dare peasants from third world …

Maybe I will have helped someone

Filed under: Potpourri - 11 Jul 2007

I very rarely share much about myself in my writings since most of my writing is purely political, but tonight I am making an exception. The reason for this exception is I think a lot of people can benefit from …

AP/L.A.Times Don’t Mention Thompson Abortion Lobbying Claims Made by Hillary Supporters

The AP, taking their cue from the new because-she-said-so story offered by the L.A.Times, has run with a short clip on a story that claims Fred Thompson was working as a lobbyist for an abortion agency in 1991, giving the …