Dear American Patriots

By: Jim Gilchrist

Dear American Patriots,

The Minuteman Project supports all independent Minutemen/women/children organizations and wishes them Godspeed in helping resolve the chaotic illegal alien invasion of the USA.

Some day, hopefully soon, we will win the contest we wage with our corrupt political governors and bureaucrats. When the war is won we will all be able to get back to taking our grand kids fishing again and reminisce about how we fought and won the Second Revolutionary War without firing a shot.

So far, all the bullets fired have been at us, not by us.

Let’s move forward with “the mission,” fellow patriots. The best way to avoid counter-productive infighting is to do exactly what you are doing: start your own group with its own sovereignty and its own SOP within the rules of law.

The Minuteman Project remains open to participation by, and with, any minuteman group regardless of its minuteman group affiliation. If you would like our involvement in any operation or project you are planning, please contact us.

Our real enemies are not ourselves. Our targets should not be competing MM groups. The real targets of our wrath are the cavalier bureaucrats and their business, academic, and media collaborators who have encouraged and sponsored the most unprecedented invasion of U.S. territory in the 231-year history of the United States of America.

Stand your ground, Minutemen! If it’s a war our political governors want, then let it begin here! We will fight them with the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and under the rule of law. Surrender is NOT an option. Nor is servitude to a North American Union. We will not quit!

And remember, just as our forefathers who served under General George Washington discovered, no victory comes without a price, a sacrifice, a commitment, a suffering. Each of us will come under attack by reconquistas, anarchists, and selfish political hacks who seek dominion over our souls and the fulfillment of their selfish personal agendas. Sometimes it will seem that all is lost and we are fighting a losing battle. And sometimes, we will turn upon ourselves in our competitive zeal to save our country.

Be not despaired, dis-enheartened, nor distracted from “the mission”. This war will be won, patriots. It will be won in much the same way our country was taken from us over a 40-year span: incrementally. It is only a matter of time, sacrifice, and perseverance.

I leave you with a compelling exhortation from a famous naval admiral:


Come on, Americans. Let’s roll !


Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President – The Minuteman Project

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