Maybe I will have helped someone

By: Carolyn Hileman

I very rarely share much about myself in my writings since most of my writing is purely political, but tonight I am making an exception. The reason for this exception is I think a lot of people can benefit from my experience in this matter. A few years back in my late thirties, I began getting sick and I had no idea what was happening to me. At night when I would try and go to sleep my hands would what I call numb out. It was kind of like when you have laid on your arm just before you realize that the blood circulation was cut off and it was asleep. Nothing too radical so I managed to deal with it. Then came the going into a daze at red lights or anywhere I had to wait for more than a second. I went from that to feeling lightheaded, to being dizzy to passing out when I would bend over and stand back up. Also things that never bothered me before now drove me nuts, little things like wearing my watch or having my hair in a pony tail.

Then I would sit down to write and be right in the middle of my article and go completely blank and could not get a thought to come afterwards. That is when I really started getting scared mainly because my dad had Alzheimer’s and lets just say that was enough to get me to a doctor. I eventually got better but not until several misdiagnosis and several doctors when finally someone checked my vitamin B12 level. I was put on a shot of 1000 cc’s per day for one month using a needle which I had to get my daughter to do since I tried the first time and let me tell you it is hard to give yourself a shot with your eyes closed. It was totally amazing what B12 could do and I bless the day I finally found someone to check it and take care of it. Now like most people once the shots were up I thought I was cured and went about my life. That was a mistake.

For the past few months I have been sick yet again, of course one more time I failed to realize what it was till now and I think I will be taking my 1000 to 1500 mcg of sublingual B12 daily if not more. Simply because I don’t like having the bottom of my feet burning like they are in a bed of hot coals, I don’t like my muscles aching constantly and throbbing and twitching. I don’t like the feeling of I must get my shoes off or I am going to scream. I do not like the urge to take my glasses and throw them as far as I can, nor the depression that come from feeling like this is all that is left, so I will be taking that with me every where I go. I know it seems strange that lack of a vitamin can do that to a body, because when they first told me I thought oh great another quack. But the fact is it can and it will and does so to people every single day. If I had thought about my dad, it might have dawned on me what was going on simply because when we finally gave up and put him in a nursing home because he would take off on his bike and not know where he was or where he was going, the doctor put him on B12 and he was like a whole new man.

We lose our vitamin B12 level as we start to grow older or if you are like me and have stomach problems. The problem is doctors rarely check for it and a lot of times the symptoms are misdiagnosed as strokes or mini strokes or gout or diabetes and a lot of other things I know they also said I had fybomagilia I am unsure about the spelling but I was starting to wonder if I had that this time, however after about three days of taking my vitamin B12 most of my symptoms are starting to improve, not all of them have like not being able to sleep at night but I am betting within a few days that will improve as well. So if you are starting to experience any of what I went through I would advise you to have it tested or start taking the supplements but not just the ones that you swallow because they do not work and maybe just maybe I will have helped someone.

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