America, Love It Or Leave It

By: Carolyn Hileman

Forgive me I offend anyone here but I have had just about enough of hearing about how America is inherently bad and the only thing worse is her people. Microsoft couldn’t push us around and make us swallow immigration reform so it is moving to Canada. Good bye; we will remember that it was the American people who stood behind your company when the government wanted to destroy it because Netscape was jealous, and that it is Americans who buy your computers and software that tends to crash right about the time you need to do something important. We will also remember that rather than invest in the youth of America and help them become educated enough to work at your wonderful company you chose to bring in people from overseas to fill those positions. And that now that we will not allow you to fill all your jobs with those people you have decided to turn your back on our country, oh yes, we will remember.

Most of the time it is the liberals who seem to hate our country by making laws that weaken our defense and lower the moral of our soldiers. But there have been others like the celebrities who can only be proud of America if a Clinton is running it, or we are bowing to any other country. You see, to these people we are not as refined as France and will never be as strong as Russia. If we do anything other than kiss some other countries butt we are big bullies and should lose at all cost. I really do not think I could live like that. To hate my own country, to honestly believe another country is better than the one I live in? Sorry folks, this is America, love it or leave it.

Now the ones complaining the loudest are not even supposed to be here and darn we can’t find them to deport them but they can be found for an interview. That is kind of like these stupid tapes we keep getting from Bin Laden. Excuse me, but follow the guy who delivers them to where he goes to get the money for delivering the tape. As for those shadow people, follow the media. They know where they are wait until they have finished their interviews and then swoop in after them. It really shouldn’t be that hard since we get a news story every single day about how bad they have it here. That is another thing, would someone explain to me why I should care if they have to work long hours in the hot sun, for little pay? Could someone tell me why I should have to worry if they get medical coverage? These people came over here looking for exactly what they have and now suddenly it isn’t good enough, we need to give them citizenship, we need to give them food stamps and Medicare, we need to give them unemployment insurance and social security.

Don’t get me wrong I will help just about anyone who comes up and asks me, regardless of color or any other thing but when some one demands I give them something I tend to think I am being held up and will act accordingly. These people never asked us for help. They stood in our streets and demanded we give them what they wanted or we would face a boycott. And that was supposed to reach our compassionate side? Bad marketing I would say. You see if they had never taken to the streets, people would have complained but that would have been about it. But they did and as a result the people got mad, demanded the government do something about the problem, which of course were the raids, now they are upset because we are raiding them, heads up folks our leaders may play your games, but the American people don’t.

So here we are we have a bunch of people here who don’t like it here because we will not give them everything they want. But rather than go back home, rather than leave the place that is supposedly causing them so much hardship, they would rather stay here make everyone around them miserable and attempt to change the country and her people. If we are not good enough for these people, if our flag is not the one they wish to fly, if our National anthem is not the Anthem they wish to sing, if taking our jobs is not good enough, stealing our identity is not enough, if destroying our health care system and killing our people is not enough then what is it they truly want? What is it they came here for? Can’t be just to work because they were doing that before the marches untouched, so what is it they want? And why should the American people really care? If they don’t like America and they don’t like the American people then I would say they need to go back home and stop whining about how bad they have it here in America, because this is America, love it or leave it.

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