I Think They Need A Show Of Hands

By: Carolyn Hileman

Once again the polls are out and I am betting once again they have not spoken to a single American to get their accounting and if they did I am sure the question was posed in such a manner that if you answered it you gave them the answer they wanted. No I am not talking about illegal immigration I am talking about the war.

I am wiling to bet not one American really wants our troops brought home in disgrace, but the media would have us believe again that is exactly what we want. Not me, and they have not bothered to poll me and I am willing to bet they haven’t asked you either. Oh but there are a bunch of them in the streets demanding we end this war. Guess what, those are the same people who were in our streets demanding amnesty.

I really do not care what you think about the President right now, because I haven’t been too fond of his actions myself right now. This isn’t about him. This is about our men and women in uniform and whether the people of this country are going to turn their backs on them in their time if need. That’s right, these well trained soldiers, practiced in the art of killing, need us right now and so far we have yet to come to their aid. Why? Is it because we all believe they are the murderers that Jack Murtha calls them? Or the idiots Kerry proclaims them to be? Is it because we really believe Dick Durbin when he compares them to Nazi’s? I think not. I think it is because we were told enough that if we never went to war we didn’t know what we were talking about so we needed to shut up. I don’t know about you but I have had enough of the media elite telling me to sit down and shut up on issues of security of my country. And I for one refuse to sit down or shut up until they get it right…

I have never been to war. My knees are so bad they would laugh me out the front door. But I have served. I served every single time my Daddy would wake up to the sound of firecrackers and run and get the 410 because he thought we were under attack. I served when my Daddy refused to eat anything that was not practically burnt because the sight of blood would remind him of the war. I may have never worn that uniform, I may have never marched or carried a weapon, but I was in the trenches with my Daddy for many years when he would wake up screaming in the middle of the night that he couldn’t save them so yes, if you have ever had a member in the family who served you served as well and we know exactly what we are talking about.

Some would say that I know what war can do to a man so I should be against this war and any other. To them I would say that my Daddy wanted to go to Vietnam. He was just too old by then.

He didn’t want to go because he liked the killing, he wanted to go because those men were his brothers and it didn’t matter if it was the same war or not. He thought that he might be able to help save some of them since he was a medic by training. Yes, war does something to a man. It makes them a part of a very large extended family, a family where each new recruit that puts on that uniform is a brother or a sister and they would give their lives at any time to keep any one of them from dying. Yeah, war does something to a man.

So now the talking heads up in Washington want to bring yet another set of troop’s home in defeat, Hell even Harry Reid has said the war is over and we lost. Not a one of these people has yet to ask our troops what they want. It is all about what the communist movement and ANSWER wants. It is not about what you and I the American people want.

It is about what they want yet again and I think it is high time we used our favorite email addresses and phone numbers to tell them one more time who it is they work for and what it is we the people want. I think they need their phones shut down again, they need to hear from the people loud and clear that these colors don’t run, that we have no intention of ever allowing them to embolden the enemy by retreating and that America keeps her promises.

We told the Iraqi people we would finish the job and that is exactly what we, the people, intend to do. Then they need to know that we are keeping tabs and we remember who it was and what they have said about our troops and we will remember all of that in 2008.

Now in case you lost that number it is 1-866-340-9281, and once again they are deciding an issue that affects us all and to me that means that it does not matter what state they are from they are working for us all. These people need another wake up call and they need it today. They need to hear from the people and they need to know that no longer will the American people stand by and allow them to try and weaken our defenses by demoralizing our troops and demanding they leave before the job is done.

OK people I think they need a show of hands…

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