Catastrophic Consequences of the “Colonization Act of 2007”

By: Jim Gilchrist

Dear Americans,

The U.S. Senate attempted to deceive the public with its “failed” immigration reform bill by toting it as a rational solution to the chaotic and reckless disregard for U.S. immigration laws. The consequences of ever passing such a bill would be catastrophic.

Of course this bill was not “amnesty.” It was worse!

The bill aimlessly bantered about in the U.S. Senate would have been more appropriately titled the “Colonization Act of 2007”.

If passed, the Senate’s “comprehensive” immigration reform bill would have blazed the trail for tens of millions more of illegal aliens to migrate into the United States in short order.

Americans, we must keep this attempt at “forced” colonization stopped. We must keep it stalled through the election cycle of 2008 when we can replace all public officials who have had anything to do with the chaotic invasion of the United States of America.

The U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) apprehends about 1.2 million persons annually attempting to illegally cross over the US/Mexico international border. The Border Patrol claims that these annual 1.2 million apprehensions represent only one of five persons attempting to cross our southern border. Approximately five million illegal aliens pierce our southern border each year without apprehension and vanish into any of the 48 continental states as well as Alaska. No one knows who they are, where they are, or what their intentions are.

At the current rate of invasion of more than five million illegal aliens invading the United States annually (and increasing), by the year 2025 there will be more illegal aliens occupying U.S. territory than there will be citizen voters. That is only 18 years away!

With roughly 33 million illegal aliens already residing in the United States, and an estimated 150 to 215 million more to come during the next 18 years as law enforcement effectiveness breaks down, the sheer power of vast numbers of illegal aliens will dictate the course of our nation.

A timid and cowardly Congress will immediately grant amnesty and US citizenship “on demand” in the face of 150 million or more non-citizens threatening to riot in the streets if their demands are not met. Such is the lesson of history as previous great, powerful nations, long exalted as nations governed under the rule of law, succumbed to “mob rule”.

Dual citizenship and dual voting rights will accompany the unconditional granting of US citizenship to former illegal aliens with no allegiance to the United States.

Assume, for example, that 70, 80, or perhaps 120 million of these new citizens are from Mexico and/or Central America. They will support political candidates in both the US and their Latin American homelands who are running on similar platforms which, of course, will be favorable to the interests of Mexico or Central America and hostile to the United States.

This phenomenal electoral power will change the course of the United States forever. By 2030, we could see the very first attempt to introduce into Congress an amendment to the U.S Constitution to replace English with Spanish as the language of the land as Spanish becomes widespread in political, business, school, and social environments.

Lacking assimilation, by 2035, the United States of America will be so balkanized and segregated by race, color, creed, language, and culture that our nation will be a land of “mutual acrimony” among the unassimilated multi-cultural populations.

Multiculturalism and diversity are great concepts. But, without “assimilation” of the common bonds of language, national sovereignty, and heritage to hold a nation together and seamlessly conduct commerce, communication and social interaction, such concepts are counter to their original intentions and ultimately self-destructive to the 231-year-old concept of “United States”.

Please help the Minuteman Project to continue this fight for the preservation of our sovereign nation. We will win this contest, but only with the continued help of millions of American patriots willing to join the mission.

The Minuteman Project offensive is multi-pronged. While border observation base camps are important to bringing continued awareness to the illegal alien invasion of the United States, it is only one part of many critical efforts on many different fronts.

In addition to supporting border observation activities, the Minuteman Project sponsors public rallies. Also, our participants speak at city council meetings and get right into the face of those at the bottom rungs of our governing process who have been negligent and incompetent in sustaining our immigration laws. This is how we drive the issue upward “from the people” and eventually right through the halls of Congress.

As president and founder of the Minuteman Project, I travel around the country to speak before various social clubs, political parties, universities, regional town hall meetings and other venues. I have co-authored a book on the unimpeded invasion of our nation: “Minutemen- The Battle to Secure America’s Borders”. I have appeared on over 2,500 radio, TV, and print media interviews in the past two years in the continuous effort to continue bringing national awareness to the invasion dilemma.

The Minuteman Project helped encourage corrupt Mexican officials to finally apprehend and extradite the murderer of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff David March. Mexico had provided a safe harbor for the deputy’s killer for almost four years. The killer was recently sentenced by a US court to a well-deserved life without parole.

The Minuteman Project sponsors a covert information gathering network called “Operation Spotlight,” which receives information from the public about unscrupulous business entrepreneurs, criminal cartels, and others engaged in the 21st century slave trade and other organized crimes. These criminals import the impoverished from third world countries to displace higher paid US citizen workers, weaken our nation’s tax-paying middle class, engage in criminal activities, and mock our law enforcement organizations.

Operation Spotlight has resulted in ICE busting at least one slave-trading employer in a meat processing plant and the apprehension of over 400 illegal aliens in that bust. Also, a child rapist on the run from Mexico and hiding in California was exposed by information provided to the Minuteman Project through “Operation Spotlight.” All information is provided to appropriate law enforcement organizations.

The Minuteman Project does not engage in law enforcement. We strictly operate within the law to support enforcement of the law. We are a gigantic neighborhood watch/activist group with volunteers from every race, color, creed, vocation, economic status, etc. Our commonality: We love our country, communities, and families, and we believe that a nation that preserves its rule of law will preserve its stature as a civilized nation.

The Minuteman Project is “on mission,” Americans, but we also need your help to keep us moving the message if we are to stop and reverse the most unprecedented invasion of the United States of America in its 231-year history.

To date, the tasks and accomplishments of the Minuteman Project are unequaled. In only two years the Minuteman Project has brought more national awareness to the illegal alien invasion crisis than a dozen other organizations combined have been able to do in 20 years with $20 million of aggregate donations. The Minuteman Project accomplished its goals with only a $400,000 budget of donations in two years.

Please help us continue on mission. With your help we can stall the Senate’s Colonization Act of 2007 and then begin a course of action to replace an uncountable number of politicians from all levels of government during the upcoming 2008 election cycle.

Come on Americans! “ Let’s roll! ”


Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President – The Minuteman Project

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