Tired Of The War

By: Carolyn Hileman

It is on every single news cast seems they can’t show enough gruesome footage of our soldiers being killed each night so they created specials for it. All the president ever talks about is the war. Hell, all everyone talks about is the war. And you are tired of it?

Well I can understand why you would be cranky considering you haven’t gotten a good nights sleep since it started having only hot sand to sleep on and a truck tire to use as a pillow, you poor thing. I will just bet you would kill for a Burger King burger right now what with those late night munchies and all but all you have is rations. I will just bet your butt hurts from sitting at you’re TV and quarterbacking every single move our military makes.

Let’s talk some more about how you sitting at home can alleviate some of the stress brought on from this war. I mean really it is all about you now isn’t it? It is about what you are tired of, it is about how you feel, it is not about anything else. It isn’t about freedom, it isn’t about supporting our troops; it is about what you want, what you need and to hell with everyone else. The President has gone and made you mad and you refuse to support this war because you might be supporting him. And God knows you are not about to set aside your petty differences with the President to support our troops since after all they are only fighting for our country and you aren’t to thrilled with the shape it is any way. Well guess what if it were not for them we really wouldn’t have a country to complain about…

Three dollars at the gas pump really bites doesn’t it? Well you know what if we don’t teach the Iraqi’s how to defend themselves from the terrorists they will take over Iraq and that oil supply as well and three dollars a gallon will start looking pretty darn good. No, this war is not about oil but that is a reality that most of you have not even bothered to consider. Now why don’t you tell me when was the last time you got up off your couch and marched for so long you had blisters on your feet only to get up and do it again the next day? Now exactly how many times have you laid awake worrying, not about bills or getting junior through college, but where the next mortar shell would hit? And when was the last time you watched as they laid the charred remains of your best friend to rest? What you have never been through any of that? Why you must of, otherwise you wouldn’t be tired of the war.

What about getting up every single morning and going out and trying to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people knowing full well you have already lost the hearts and minds you were fighting for? What about it? Don’t tell me that even though you can take a hot shower and sleep in a nice bed tonight that you are tired of this war because I know a whole lot of men and women who are only tired of being told daily they don’t know how to do their jobs. They feed the hungry Iraqi’s and clothe them, build their schools all while waiting for the next truck bomb to explode. And you are tired of the war?

The media in some places there will not leave their motel rooms because they are scared and our troops go out and make those streets safe so they can film footage of what ever they deem wrong to send back home. And you are tired of the war? The terrorists shoot at them form scared places that they are not even allowed to go into? And you are tired of the war?

The enemy uses their children as human shields, and they have to go and clean up the remains of these children who are about the same age of their own children. And you are tired of the war? They unearth a cache of weapons from under a school and you are tired of the war?

Well I will just bet they are tired of you, of all of your whining and complaining, of hearing that you think they are not doing it right or surely they would be finished by now.

They learn that one of their buddies has been taken hostage and they know for a fact that they will have their heads cut off on tape and all the world will watch it and not one person will be outraged. But if they even say a bad word to a Iraqi or make a mistake it is front page news and people are angry; further proof that our men and women are nothing more than bullies taking over a country they shouldn’t be in at all. And you are tired of the war?

They finally get to see news from home and get to hear how our leaders have no faith in them what so ever, even declaring the war unwinnable and implying that they are just the lower class individuals who can’t do any better so that is why they are over there. And you are tired of the war?

You can be tired of the high gas prices, you can be tired of the heat, you can be tired of the reruns on TV, but you cannot be tired of a war; you have never fought in and you cannot by watching major media have any idea what our troops think or feel. You cannot read your favorite newspaper and get an inkling of idea what they go through daily so you cannot be tired of this war. You are not even in it. Now those of you who are veterans you may be tired of all wars but you cannot be tired of this one simply because you are not in it. You may know what was done when you wore the uniform and a lot of you who were in the Vietnam conflict have a lot to be angry about, but you know how important morale is for our troops. You know they need to know the people back home don’t hate them and that they still believe in them. Maybe you didn’t get any of that and if that is the case might I ask why you would want your brothers and sisters to go what you went through?

Maybe I am just naïve. Maybe I was born at the wrong time. Maybe my parents just taught me different, but I was raised that the man or woman who wore that uniform was some one to be honored and cherished, not trashed and maligned. That they were the true heroes whether they felt like it or not and that you stood behind them at all costs because they were doing that and more for you. And they were doing it voluntarily. But you can’t stand behind our troops, you can’t tell them they are doing a good job, you can’t allow them to finish what they started. No you cannot do that because you are tired of the war.

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