The Wall of Names

By: Carolyn Hileman

It is a tiring battle, one in which you are never sure who your enemy is, yet you fight on never knowing if you are making any difference and sometimes wondering if there is any point to it at all. For each of the casualties, their name is put on a wall and it seems that the names on that wall will never end. You not only must fight the enemy but you must fight the media, always being on your best behavior so as not to give them a reason to print bad press against you and yet they still find something. No I am not talking about the war, not the one in Iraq any way, I am talking about the war to take back our streets from those who have come here illegally and are killing our families.

On the Fourth of July we celebrated not only the birth of our Nation but the victory of the death of the Senate bill. While we were busy watching fireworks, the enemy struck again in the form of Terapon Dang Adhahn, a Level 1 registered sex offender who was convicted of first-degree incest in Pierce County in 1990. The Pierce County man, 42, was arrested Monday after Tacoma police identified him as someone who hadn’t been deported after being convicted of a felony. The casualty, Zina Linnik, was a 12-year-old Tacoma girl.

Zina was last seen in an alley behind her Tacoma home on the Fourth of July. She really is no different from any of the other twenty five people per day killed by illegal immigrants, the circumstances really not much different at all. Some one who should have been deported was not and they either by drinking and driving or pure malice killed one more American.

I guess this little girl’s death is to serve to remind us that our job is far from over and that it is time to stop celebrating and get back to work. It is there to remind us that terrorists don’t just fly planes and that our children are not even safe just outside our home.

When I first saw this story I hoped against hope that she would be found alive, knowing the whole time that she was more than likely dead simply because the abductors usually kill their prey within hours of taking them. Maybe that is why this one is affecting me. Or maybe it is because I have a boy a year older than her and I simply cannot imagine what I would do if this ever happened to him. Maybe it is because I honestly do not think any parent should lose another child because of our government’s ineffectiveness. Every time we call for secure borders they slap us in the face by telling us that we must legalize 12- 20 million illegal immigrants to do it, when the one saving grace of defeating that bill before July 4th was that this monster was not legal when he killed this little girl.

Those of you who visit the Voice know I have a page where I put the names of the victims of illegal immigrants and that it is so very long and that it in no way is a complete list. Well tonight I added another name to the wall of names, and I may be adding more since the man they are holding for this girl’s death may have also killed five more children before her, so I guess I will be adding even more names to the wall of names.

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