The Liberal, ‘Support the Troops’ Ruse

By: Lee Kent Hempfling

Sirius Satellite Radio has it all wrong. Their left leaning talk channel is called Sirius Left, while their right leaning talk channel is called Sirius Patriot. This has not a few leftist propaganda bloggers up in arms. How could Sirius decide that being right leaning means patriot, while being left leaning just means being left? No, that isn’t the question the bloggers are screaming with raised forehead veins. Left bloggers do not ask questions, they do not question events, they dictate their disgust with what they perceive the event to mean to them: so… “Sirius Satellite Radio doesn’t think you’re patriotic. This is an obscenity,” followed by a contact email to send complaint letters. [As quoted from the Daily Kos.]

And as usual, unable to question what something may actually mean, they run with their perception of what it means to them and demand action to stop it from being such an emotional reaction. They call for action from the minions who follow as they have nothing in their own lives in which to hold onto as stable. Liberalism prohibits ground rules, normality, tradition and yes, even contentment. Being content, or feeling safe, or feeling confident in core beliefs that cannot exist as progressive to the point of being oppressive to anyone who disagrees, is just what progressives feel is necessary to overcome other people controlling them.

That strange to true logic method of living is a result of thinking that way; and there is today, probably no more a poster child for progressive-inductive based lunacy beliefs, than Senator Jim Webb, a Democrat from Virginia. You remember him as the… ‘it was not my gun before it was my gun,’ fiction writer turned ‘man of the evening’ in the Senate.

On NBC’s Meet The Press, Webb and Lyndsey Graham talked past each other in an exchange that is being billed as the lunacy of Graham and the great intellect of Webb. Certainly Webb is smart, but there is a great difference between being smart and using smarts in a smart way. If being smart meant the inability to make mistakes, incorrectly select an option or be wrong at all then no person could be wrong, and we wouldn’t be discussing problems of the world. We would be all sucking our thumbs wondering where all the interesting things in life went. We would have fulfilled the desire of every liberal: to make the world just as comforting and risk-free as the womb was. We all would have bought into the refusal to admit anything in the womb, that is not likewise aware of how snuggly it really is, is viable. That is, until we had returned to it and found it was what we had been seeking all our lives and suffering the consequences of learning how wrong we were.

Webb angrily told the truth, without knowing to whom he was really speaking: “It’s politicians who try to put their political views into the mouths of soldiers. You can look at poll after poll and the political views of the United States military are no different than the country at large.”

Webb admitted the ‘end the war at any cost’ trash was all politics. He admitted he was using that politics to win the votes of those who want to ‘end the war at any cost’. He admitted he does not understand the military at all. He decided based only upon what he knew. He did not question what Graham may have known. He induced that since soldiers have opinions, the military is made up of some strange collection of not from this country humans or golly, the military, he admits, DOES mirror the country, contrary to all those ‘its harder on __fill in racial blank__’ claims from pretending leaders.

He, like the liberal-progressives he sold his soul to, believe that supporting the soldiers is what war should be about. Screw the mission. Screw the consequences of losing. Just support those soldiers because there is nothing America likes more than a nice big hug. And that political reality is driving the liberal-progressives’ self-deception conviction that they will ‘take back’ what was never and could never have been theirs. America. If America had been a progressive-liberal nation it would have failed like every other society in the history of human endeavors. America has survived as long as it has, due to a common notion of what America is and what it stands for. It has survived men like Webb who could not put the country ahead of their own political ambitions and it will continue to do so, relatively soon I educatedly suspect.

Republicans allowed the ‘support the troops’ marketing slogan to become normal speak. When the leftists began showing their fake patriotism behind the soldiers Republicans should have called them out on it. Instead, Republicans and particularly this Administration fell silent and allowed the spin to become the topic.

Republicans, as a whole, know, (minus the sick ward inhabitants like Ron Paul), that a soldier is the nation’s finest weapon. A soldier is more than his having formerly been a civilian. Without soldiers there could be no true defense of the nation, no weapons would work, no amount of a terrorized population’s yelling would stop invasion.

In fact, to paraphrase (accurately) the Soldier’s Creed: A soldier is a Warrior and a member of a team. A soldier serves the people of the United States and lives the Army Values. A soldier always places the mission first. A soldier never accepts defeat. A soldier never quits. A soldier will never leave a fallen comrade. A soldier is disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in warrior tasks and drills. A soldier always maintains arms, equipment and self. A soldier is an expert and a soldier is professional. A soldier stands ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. A soldier is a guardian of freedom and the American way of life. That is what an American Soldier, is.

Liberal-progressives cannot support what a soldier is. They are incapable of supporting what they cannot support. A soldier is a part in the whole that makes up this country’s ability to stay a country. Spending all concentrated energies on addressing a part of the country, ignores the nation, no matter how important, honored and revered the soldier is to this nation. Liberals can only be a team member if there is a common enemy. A liberal wants less ‘values’ as those are ‘conservative’ and cannot find anything greater than themselves than the earth, the animals or the theories of a nature out of nowhere and an evolutionary path in a nice straight line. A liberal will avenge a fallen comrade, not minister to him. Liberals decry discipline. A liberal uses an unusual abundance of thinking ability to refuse training and disdain the drill. A liberal expects someone else, mostly government to take care of the essentials. A liberal is an emotional wreck, reacting to any attack on any ‘thing’ they believe to be true except the thing they are. Humans are at fault for everything, but the human that who says it is, is that special no-fault type. A liberal is willing to ‘deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat’, with the force of soldiers they pay and in whom they believe should be all it takes to do so, and when the conflict fails to just quit fighting, they accept the enemy as oppressed peoples and they blame the ‘man’ (whatever party holds that office) for the condition they observe others to be in. And they need a scapegoat to get you to believe it. A liberal quits when it benefits them. A liberal cannot be defeated as long as they are not stopped. So they ‘support the troops’.

No they don’t. They don’t ‘support the troops’ now anymore than John Kerry supported the troops in Vietnam, or the ‘less war, more love’ crowd turned the first major logic error of their life into a movement, which turned into a battle trained collection of opportunists, which turned into the progressives of today, who have learned through failure, how to control the media, how to set the agenda, how to work within the system, even to the point of doing it illegally, in the name of the cause which is the elimination of capitalism as a form of economic lifeblood of this nation. Oh, but to make America the model socialist environment of the world. All that was wrong would be right and the whole place would just feel so warm and cuddly that the womb would no longer represent the place where those fetuses somehow push a baby human out into the world where it had not before lived so it therefore did not before live. It is the deepest and most utterly idiotic logic ever employed by humans: to claim what we come from to not be what we become, is the argument of all time. It is not possible to be anything other than what you are when you are a moment old, or a hundred years. You just know it from the aged side of the memory.

But don’t tell that to a liberal-progressive. They believe supporting the troops is about the troops. Think it over. If unions ran companies, companies would become unions and unions do not sell things, they take them. That does not make unions bad as doing what unions are supposed to be doing. It does mean that liberals believe a private’s opinion matters in the scheme of the nation. It does mean that liberals believe that a general who has retired, had somehow spent his entire military life, devoid of political influence and convictions and is somehow credible on political matters and war matters that are made political, yet a private’s opinion matters. Liberal’s own spin is so comical as it winds up proving itself inferior and oft’ times impossible. To think that a private’s opinion or Senator Webb’s military opinion poll mean a thing in the scheme of the nation’s survival, is to admit through demonstration how totally intellectually inept you are. You are smart but since it is never used you are simply full of it.

Sirius Left and Sirius Patriot are the brand names of satellite talk channels. Liberals cannot comprehend the use of a brand unless the product already makes sense to them. The perspective starts at the topic most impressive to the liberal. From there the liberal will spew forth totally connected and completely out of context facts and figures that may or may not exist in the real world, and become totally unglued when you cannot see the logic. If you ‘see’ logic in your head you can be manipulated to posses an ‘image’ of a concept, or scene of ‘truth’. To you it would be fact and real, but that reactively created reality would make you face the demon of a world you are forced to live in, as the bad thing it is, and you could only blame humans for that condition. The more depressed you become over it, the more determined you become to gain control over something. You certainly cannot control your emotions but you can think of ways to make things happen in ways no one would be the wiser too. You think.

A person is only an ‘intellectual’ if they have told others they are, or joined with others who believe they are. Intelligence doesn’t talk about how superior it is. It takes a path others find different. No matter what FOX Networks wants you to believe, being smarter than a 5th grader has nothing to do with knowledge, which is all the show is about. It has to do with what one does with that knowledge, and then if they have applied the same intellect to questioning why, before deciding nothing is with dieing for, and those who do die for their country are to be honored and revered, not used for political gain as a slogan to arms for emotionally distraught people.

If you really wanted to support the troops, send a letter to them telling them you do. Send them your love. Send them the things they are not issued by the people. Hold parades when they return home. Give them additional weight in hiring new employees. Give them a college education. To those who do not come home, give them respect and their families, love. But whatever you do, stop profiling them with the message you think they are more important than the country they have sworn to defend. That would make you transparently unpatriotic.

And if you should feel like a person who fits that profile maker’s mask, you will never be President. Dick Cheney said so.

Author Bio: Lee Kent Hempfling
Lee Kent Hempfling is a human who writes books about humans and other creations at and tracks logic in neuroscience and at The latest book is part three of West WithOut Heaven entitled, “Monkey See, Monkey Do” and explains awareness, consciousness and free-will. Parts one and two, like part three are free to the public in pdf download. No royalties of any kind are taken by the author. Previous books include, “The Brain Is A Wonderful Thing” and “Modern Mysticism”.

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