Why We Fight

By: Carolyn Hileman

Imagine if you will that your nine year old boy is playing in the parking lot of your apartment complex. He has probably run in and out the door many times for a drink of water or to get yet another toy and by now you are probably frustrated and are ready to ground him to say the least when someone comes to your door. This time you can feel it is different, you know something is wrong and in the next millisecond you are in the parking lot holding the lifeless frame who just seconds ago was running through you door. Now imagine your son has an axe in his forehead that the emergency medical crews are afraid to remove as he is being lifeflighted only to die at the hospital. Then you find out that your sons only crime was telling someone they had a flat and that someone was in this country illegally. Or perhaps finding your sixteen year old daughter so badly beaten that it takes her dental records to identify her or perhaps your daughter killed because she rebuffed some guys’ advances. Or even your four year old daughter strangled to death.

Horror stories yes. Part of a book or scary movie no.

Then there are the more mundane stories about those who were killed simply sitting at a red light, or by a car passing over into the wrong lane. Mundane to us maybe, but we are not the ones who must live with the loss of that loved one every single day of our lives. Now one could say and rightly so that American commit murders and they drive drunk, but that does not make this right. In most cases these people will be released on bail and flee to Mexico. And of course Mexico will not send them back to face our justice system because we have the death penalty. So these families are left with no closure.

We are told there is an estimated 12- 20 million illegal immigrants in America and that is just the latest guess since they wanted to give them amnesty. No one really knows how many there are from day to day. That, my friend, is 12 -20 million more chances that you or someone you love will meet with the same fate as these people. While it may be true that American citizen’s can and have done the same or worse to their own people does that give our government the right to decide to up our chances of getting killed by adding this amount of potential danger? We all know the money to secure our borders is there and we all know that America has the technology to secure our borders. If we can build a bomb so precise that it can take out a car under a bridge in Iraq without injuring anyone else we can secure our borders.

Now apparently our leaders have decided that if they make all of these people legal that will solve our illegal immigrant problem simply because they won’t be illegal anymore, fairly simplistic and one would expect more from such great minds, but that is their solution and they really believe that we must grant them this legality before we can secure our borders, that is insanity in its highest form. They have yet to explain to the public why we must grant amnesty to these people in order for them to spend the money to fix our borders. Maybe they could explain that to Jordin Paulder’s parents, or Justin Inman’s parents or any of the other twenty five people’s families that lose a loved one to this disease daily, but I don’t think that they would understand it either. The money that would be spent to secure our borders is ours; it comes out of our paycheck each and every week.

We were not just fighting against amnesty we were fighting for our lives and the lives of our children, senator Kennedy is quoted as saying he just does not know what it is we want, that he has heard what it is we are against, but what is we are for. Senator Kennedy we are for a secure border, we are for spending the American tax dollars to secure the safety of the American people, and we are for you doing it right now without your precious amnesty clause. We are for seeing some action on our borders other than the reduction of guard troops you plan, we want our borders secure and we want you to stop all of your investigations and your other so-called high priority debates until we see some real action towards securing our borders. We want a bill introduced that is for nothing other than securing our borders, nothing else thrown in no grand bargains, no blackmail, no we must do this to accomplish that, no compromise, no amnesty, no fences without funding and no paying them to go home or stay here this is just about our borders.

And since you guys are so gung ho on timelines we want a timeline of when we can expect to see these things implemented. We want check points along the way to monitor, your progress and we want it all done yesterday and since you are sitting up there in an air-conditioned office paid for by us I don’t think it should take very long for this to happen. Now as I said senator Kennedy is confused and does not know what it is we want so maybe if we all called this toll free number 1-866-340-9281 and told him and every other senator what it is we want, maybe just maybe we might get what we want, but they need to know why we fight.

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