A “Perfectly Normal” Development

By: Erik Rush

My gay friends will know where I’m coming from because they have the social consciousness and depth of character to see that their lifestyle is a far cry from what we see being promulgated by socialist zealots and bona-fide deviant activists in the media. They know what courses of action to take if they are personally persecuted, and don’t believe that a difference in political views is a deal-breaker in terms of friendship or intelligent exchange of ideas, because they are people who happen to be gay (which, despite my religious beliefs, is none of my business) rather than socialist zealots or bona-fide deviants.

The story which follows was buried by the mainstream press and even pressured off of some of the blogs and Internet video venues.

Rebecca Medina of WPTY-TV in Memphis, Tenn., was the “point man” for journalists exposing rapes of teenaged girls by lesbian street gangs.

“The broadcasts by Memphis television station WPTY and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly quoted law enforcement authorities, victims, and even some gang members to document the growing number of attacks on young girls by lesbian gang members.

“Two news stories about hundreds of lesbian gangs attacking and raping young girls in schools and other public locations have prompted a backlash against the reporters by members of the homosexual community.”

Bob Unruh for WorldNetDaily: “Payback for exposé on ‘dyke’ gang rapes”, Monday, July 9, 2007 (Story Link)

I’m sure that this “backlash” against WPTY-TV by “members of the homosexual community” (read “opportunistic Progressive activists”) will come as a heart-stopping shock to the reader…

Deputy Beverly Cobb, of the Shelby County Tennessee Gang Unit, who gives the impression of a tough, extremely street-savvy cop, says attacks by GTO “Gays Taking Over” (or in some cases “DTO” for “Dykes Taking Over”) are becoming more frequent and more violent. GTO’s proponents assert that the group, despite the name, was originally a “support group” for young women who faced the peer and parental challenges of coming out of the closet. They claim it’s not a gang, despite two of the GTO members being interviewed from prison for violent crimes.

The hapless straight female victims are waylaid, then raped and sodomized with sex toys, according to Deputy Cobb; like male rapists, these role-subverted young women have apparently discovered that rape (the more brutal and bizarre the better) is one of the most controlling and humiliating things one can do to a woman. Cobb says that many of these young women have weapons sequestered all over their bodies and are “quicker [to use them] than any male that I’ve ever come upon…”

Rebecca Medina reminded her audience that this phenomenon is becoming a growing national problem and her anchor named 11 schools in the Memphis area alone where students had recently reported harassment or rapes by “GTOs”. (Story Link)

The truly repugnant and dangerous aspect of this (other than its advent and proliferation) is the bevy of obsequious, monumentally dishonest “gay rights” activists who mobilized to denigrate Ms. Medina, her station, and flocked onto radio and television news venues to drone their lip-flapping, party-line swill about WPTY-TV’s coverage being an attack on gays, how persecuted gays are – particularly young, sensitive ones, somehow suggesting (as the Left so often do with their anti-anything traditionally mainstream rhetoric) that society “had it coming”. And of course, as every gang member who’s ever stood before a camera has claimed, their organization isn’t a “gang”; it’s something else they’re usually too evasive or inarticulate to cogently define.

The reasons for homosexual rape gangs coming into being (mention was made in the WPTY-TV piece of certain gay male youth gangs engaging in the same sort of behavior) are easily identified:

1) The transformation of our society into one that has become distressingly permissive with regard to things that appeal to our baser nature. This has directly led to the dissolution of the American family.

2) Society’s acceptance of our schools’ promotion of the gay lifestyle; this has served to exacerbate existing sexual ambivalence teenagers feel as a result of hormones, institutionalized gender confusion and (often) the dysfunction in or dissolution of their own families of origin.

3) The deviants and social engineers who advocate and defend the cultural changes in this area as speaking to individuals’ rights to personal freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and other such convoluted logic and perversions of the Constitution, and their insane claims that all of this has had no deleterious effects on society whatsoever.

Inasmuch as gay activists claim that homosexuality is a “perfectly normal” lifestyle, not even dictated by individual choice, then this is certainly a “perfectly normal” development given the above formula, which was designed and disseminated solely by the secular far-Left.

In the long term, a reversal of the aforementioned permissive societal trends is obviously the only way to ameliorate the problem. In the short term, there is a law enforcement component that shall have to enter into this morass, but it is the apologists and pink knights who assail our senses in the media who need to be marginalized as completely and as quickly as possible. All they serve to do is obfuscate and misdirect with the ever-important infusion of propaganda that damages the image and lot of gays in America far more than it supports them.

“[The WPTY-TV report] is inaccurate tabloid journalism [which] perpetuates dangerous stereotypes about lesbians and feeds a climate of homophobia, anti-gay discrimination and violence.”

- Rashad Robinson, The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)’s senior director of media programs, from the WorldNetDaily article.

Talk about your great big yawn…

When one considers the early sexualization of children by the entertainment media and advocacy groups with a subversive social engineering agenda, the devaluation of children as evidenced by the lack of concern in high places for the impact of sex crimes against children and the promotion and acceptance of lewdness, profanity and misogyny, an increase in sexual predation by young people is something we ought to have expected rather than something at which we have the collective nerve to be shocked.

Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist and author who writes a weekly column of political fare. He is also Acting Associate Editor and Publisher for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets. An archive containing links to his writing is at www.ErikRush.com. His book, “It’s the Devil, Stupid!” is available through most major outlets. His new book, Annexing Mexico, has just been released.

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