David Is In The Lion’s Den

By: Carolyn Hileman

Let the one without sin cast the first stone. I believe that also holds true for David Vitter. OK his phone number was in a prostitute’s phone book. He admitted to doing wrong and since that day I have seen countless stories trying to make this story much bigger than it is all mentioning that he has yet to decide to resign. I would dare say that if each member that ever did something wrong in their lives resigned the Senate would look very empty and we would have to have emergency elections to elect more. All of that aside, this has nothing at all to do with his morality it has a lot more to do with some others immorality. This is an all out attempt to destroy this man from a party and media who gave a president a pass for having sex in the Oval office by any definition.

For those of you who did not watch the amnesty bill debate in Senate you may not be aware of why they would want this man destroyed. But I saw it and I know exactly what these people are up to and why. David Vitter stood toe to toe with the little tyrant Harry Reid and made sure that anyone watching knew that the debate was not being handled by senate rules. He dared defy the powers that be and stand up for the American people which made Harry Reid look ineffective and lame and for that he must pay a price. He even went so far as to call that man down simply because he was breaking his own rules and discussing an amendment; a luxury he would not allow the other side to have.

Make no mistake about it, he is being targeted simply because he stood up for the American people and we won. I would not be a bit surprised to see them go after Senators Dorgan, Sessions and Demit and any of them who stood firm for the American people.

I did not watch the Senate slumber party last night, but by our governments own terms that was torture. Torture meant to sway the vote of these fine men, there was supposed to be a roll call every three hours and if they were not there the sergeant of arms would bring them to the floor. Sleep deprivation is one thing we are not allowed to use on terror suspects or to any suspects for that matter but we can use it on senators who refuse to follow Harry Reid and do exactly as he says. If that does not work they will go after you and tear you apart thread by thread so that you cannot be reelected and they can install someone who will.

The people of America had better wake up and wake up fast, these people are taking down good people simply by saying they are doing bad things, funny how it is only conservatives that do bad things and only conservatives that they report about relentlessly and constantly say they have yet to resign. Can you tell me right now which democrat senator said the N word on national TV and no one said anything about him resigning? Which senator is it that keeps a staff of illegal immigrants working in her fields and not one word about her resigning? I am not saying what David Vitter did was not wrong, but his wife has forgiven him and my God has forgiven him I think I can do so as well. But as long as their hypocrites are allowed to stay in office and try to ram bill after bill down the throats of Americans that we don’t want David Vitter needs to stay because he has shown us that he will not back down to Harry Reid and his tyrannical ways.

Yes, this is about good and evil but not the kind that the media would have us to believe, this is about a man who wants nothing more than to replace those senators who refuse to allow him to lead us to utter destruction. This is about a man who has yet to be able to pass anything but the minimum wage act, this is about a man who honestly believes that the minority should be silenced and is doing his damndest to assure that the American people are silenced as well. David Vitter stood up for the American people in our time of need and we need to do a little standing as well because David is in the lions den…

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