Iraq, Will We Win Or Will We Quit And Let al-Qaeda Win?

By: Carolyn Hileman

In 1776 we declared Independence. In 1783 we actually signed The Treaty of Paris with Great Britain recognizing our Independence. The states ratified the Articles of Confederation in 1781 and by 1787 were at the point of civil war. We then called a Convention to correct the Articles of Confederation. This turned into the Constititutional convention and the Constitution was drafted. Our ability to weather this period was due to our experience as British citizens and self government. The colonies, later states, had governed their selves for many years under British rule.

Four score and seven years later we nearly destroyed the union, but the union survived. In April of 1865 the union was restored. From April of 1865 to November of 1876, Union troops occupied the south. During this time (called Reconstruction) the only people in the south allowed to vote and hold office were former slaves, freemen, copperheads and carpetbaggers. Reconstruction ended in 1877. When this happened the Democrats regained power in the south and all blacks were regulated to second class citizenship. They were no longer slaves but did not have the same rights as whites. This happened because the government compromised and removed troops before the black communities were able to stand on their own. They were abandoned and it took until the 1950’s and 1960’s for the black community to regain these rights.

By the way I am a white southerner.

Next, let’s look at other counties experiences.

Germany and Japan.

In 1918 WWI ended and treaty was signed in 1919. Terms of this treaty called for the removal of the German Kaiser and formation of a democratic government in Germany. Germany did not have any experience with self-government. By 1933 the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) had taken control of Germany. The rise of the NAZI party led to WWII in Europe. With the destruction of Germany and Japan in 1945, new democratic governments were formed in each country. These countries are still democratic and are our allies most of the time. By the way we still have troops stationed in both countries 61 years later.


In 1992 we entered Somalia on a humanitarian mission. In 1993 the mission changed to nation building. In order to build the Somalia nation certain terrorist elements had to be removed. When we attempted to remove some terrorists, they fought back and some of our troops were killed. Due to the deaths of our troops we abandoned Somalia to the terrorists. By the way, Osama Bin Laden was there at that time and decided that the USA was a paper tiger and after an enough casualties would loose stomach for war and quit. This emboldened him to attack the World Trade Centers, two embassies in Africa and the US Cole without any consequences. He then attacked the World Trade Centers again successfully this time.

Now the questions at hand.

1. Do we want Iraq to survive as a democratic nation?

If we do, we must learn from history and stay as long as it takes.

We will have to stay until the government has changed hands peacefully several times and self government is the norm instead of be subjected to a dictator as Iraq has suffered under for 40 years.

2. When will we win?

With an enemy (terrorists) that hides behind innocents it will take many years. When the Iraqi army, police and judicial system has had time to root out the terrorists in their ranks. This will take several years. Our enemy only understands kill or be killed.

3. What will happen if we quit.

If we leave Iraq defenseless the following will happen.

Iran will wield influence over the Shiites which is what the Sunnis are afraid of.

Turkey will take out the Kurdish provinces. Turkey can not allow Kurds to establish a free country as this could inspire Turkish Kurds to revolt more than they already are. By the way Turkey has been rumored to already have prepared plans and to have mobilized their forces for this contingency.

Iraq will become another breeding and training ground for terrorist like Somalia. I know some people call Iraq a breeding ground for terrorists already. It is not, it is a place for us to stop them before the come to the USA

If we leave we will prove Osama right, that the USA is a paper tiger and embolden terrorist to not only attack our troops, the Iraqi people but also our country.

The choice is ours.

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