Is Houston still there, Mommy?

By: Carolyn Hileman

It is funny the things you remember when you have gone through something traumatic. When I think about 9/11, and I mean really think about it, I can remember seeing the planes hit the buildings and the flames and smoke. I can vividly remember the people jumping to their death and thinking just how horrible it must have been in those office buildings for them to choose to jump to their death. But the surface memories are of my children and how they reacted to this. My youngest son was eight at the time and the only big buildings he knew of were in Houston. So the night of 9/11 I was concerned about my little boy because he thought the continual showing of the planes flying into the buildings was another attack each time and he was scared to say the least. So he and I cuddled that night like we did many nights after. My little boy looked at me with tear filled eyes and asked me is Houston still there Mommy.

I talk a lot about border security and I do so because it is very, very important, simply because if we do not stop people from coming into our country under the cover of darkness we will never truly be safe. However, border security and National security go hand in hand and anyone who says they do not really needs to rethink that.

First of all if we had been actively checking up on those people who were here on Visas and deporting those who were here on expired visas those terrorists would never have been on those planes. Secondly if America had been seen as a strong country that would have defended its self no matter the cost, they would have never dared to attack us on our own soil. However, America was seen as weak, as paper tigers as Bin Laden said, mainly because if we did anything in the world if we had a few casualties our leaders would immediately bring home our troops further proving to terrorists around the world that we had not the stomach for a small war much less a prolonged one and we are proving them right again today.

There are some who are so dead set against any war, that I am sure that as they were bringing out the bodies from the rubble they were putting the last touches on their protest signs. These are the people who would get us all killed. They are the ones who believe we should have open borders and that anyone, yes I said anyone, should be able to live where they chose; including terrorists. They and some of our leaders do not want us to win in Iraq and they darn sure do not want us to secure our borders because if we do America is no longer weak and they can no longer go through with their plans to destroy us. The Iraq war is about a lot of other things than about helping them gain control. It is a warning to those terrorists that we the people of the United States of America will go anywhere we need to any time we need to; to put down anyone who wishes to mess with us. However, if people like Hillary, Harry Reid, John Kerry and John Kennedy get their way there will be a welcome matt displayed for these people and green cards to make them legal terrorists.

I ask you this weekend to really think this over, I ask you to tell me why some of our senators are pushing to legalize people who came here illegally? Why they are refusing to even consider securing our borders, and why they need our troops home yesterday? When you have given that some thought ask yourself this question, whose side are they on anyway?

They are not calling for the troops to come home because they care, simply because if they cared anything about them they would give them their funding so they could buy the equipment they need to finish this war. Instead they put all sorts of conditions on them getting the money to buy body armor and trucks, yet when it comes to spending 32 trillion dollars to legalize 12-20 million illegal immigrants there are no conditions.

When you have had time for all of this to sink in I ask you to contact our leaders and tell them to fully fund this war and secure our borders now. We as Americans spoke out about the amnesty bill and we made them listen and we are going to have to do so now because if we do not these people are going to hand us over to the terrorists under the guise of globalization.

I must admit the things I have been seeing in our government is scary. I cannot for the life of me understand why they are doing some of these things and why they are being allowed to do them. Today they are not only talking about bringing home our troops from Iraq, but they are planning to drop the amount of troops on our borders by 50%. Not one bit of any of this makes any sense what so ever. I am not sure that the sending back 50% of the troops on the border is our punishment for killing the bill or if yet again we wish to show our enemies that we are weak and cannot withstand their constant assault. But I know it is wrong.

For a long time after 9/11 the going theory about why we were attacked was because they hated our freedoms and they hated what we stood for. I have come to decide that is wrong. These people attacked us because they knew they could. They watched our response to the terrorists attacks overseas and saw none really so they decided we would not fight. Now they are watching our news and listening to people like Harry Reid, threaten our senators with sleep deprivation in order to tuck our tail and run and they must be laughing at that because they know if they are ever caught we can’t even do that to them. They are watching as these people slowly dismantle any semblance of defense we have and the people not saying a thing and they are planning, they are not afraid, why should they be? They are enjoying the fact that the steam tunnel in New York scared us and reminded us of their greatest accomplishment, and they are planning so the question from our children will be is Houston still there, Mommy.

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