Storming of the Bastille – First Amendment Style !

By: Jim Gilchrist

The Rage over the Ramos and Compean Debacle

Dear Americans,


That is the battle cry being echoed by minutemen and women across the nation in our continued effort to bring national awareness to, and eventual exoneration of, members of U.S. law enforcement that have been systematically singled out for prosecution when they do what they are sworn to do: enforce the law.

Federal Prosecutor Johnny Sutton’s performance before members of Congress yesterday was a classic example of the witch-hunt mentality that has overtaken our system of jurisprudence.

Sutton, the federal prosecutor well-known for his earnest desire to convict members of law enforcement for alleged crimes that carry torturous prison terms, appeared nervous, wary, and defensive.

Sutton danced around queries directed at him by members of congress who assembled in the capitol for the first of a series of hearings that, hopefully, will begin an investigation into the questionable circumstances regarding the recent conviction and imprisonment of U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

Sutton avoided some of the queries at yesterday’s Congressional hearing, refusing to give Senator Diane Feinstein (D- Ca.) simple “yes” or “no” answers to her questions after repeated requests to do so.

The Minuteman Project urges each of you to “Keep the pressure on!”

Make every effort to call, fax, email, or contact in person your political representatives and demand an immediate and thorough investigation into the vague circumstances under which our legal system allowed two members of U.S. law enforcement to be sentenced to 11 and 12 years, respectively, in federal prison.

The agents, who served in the El Paso, Texas area, were convicted for alleged civil rights and firearms violations for supposedly shooting an illegal alien Mexican drug dealer during a physical struggle. Agents discovered 753 pounds of marijuana, worth about $1 million, in the vehicle abandoned by the criminal. The drug dealer escaped into Mexico where he lived.

A month after the alleged shooting the drug dealer claimed that he received a superficial wound in the buttocks by a pistol shot fired by one of the agents. He then covertly arranged with U.S. law enforcement to file charges against the USBP agents. The criminal also generously accompanied his filing of criminal charges with a $5 million compensatory award civil suit against the USBP.

Furthermore, in exchange for testifying for prosecutor Sutton against the agents, the drug-runner was granted immunity by Sutton for his alleged crimes.

In the opinion of the Minuteman Project, Agents Ramos and Compean, like other members of law enforcement before them, have been wrongly and harshly victimized by an over-zealous legal system that seeks to cripple the ability of law enforcement officers to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

As the will of law enforcement breaks down under the intimidation of oppressive government, so does the rule of law. Then, there goes the neighborhood.

So, please, Americans, keep the pressure on every political governor and bureaucrat from the lowest city council member right up to the White House.

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