Is Impeaching Bush Becoming A Publics Sport

By: Ken Hughes

Representative John Conyers [D-Mi] spends much of his time obsessed with the impeachment of George W. Bush. This is where the media falls short in their responsibility to inform the public. Rather than explain the procedures for impeachment they treat Rep. Conyers remarks as though impeachment were a done deal. Rep. Conyers states no specifics, he simply calls for the presidents impeachment, If his allegations are for lying then the entire government would need to be dismissed starting with congress, However politicians lying isn’t a crime it’s a right, a perk, a freebee.

Cindy Sheehan, the war hero Cayce Sheehan’s mother who’s made a career of trampling on her sons grave for political purposes has joined the fray. She’s marching from the hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery to Conyers office to demand he start the process of impeaching Bush. She’s made a threat to run against Nancy Pelosi in 08 if her demands aren’t meet, that’s very scary stuff.

Those in Congress seem to be operating on nothing but intimidation, threats and bullying. Where’s the kinder gentler House Nancy Pelosi promised in her campaign of 06, as I recall one of her promises was there would be no more talk of impeachment, obviously Conyers wasn’t listening.

John Conyers isn’t the one to question the president’s ethics. Rep. Conyers has been the subject of several inquires of impropriety over the years, several of which he admitted to. It seems Rep. Conyers is the quintessential politician, do as I say not as I do. Congress, fostered by the long serving Conyers and his ilk, have carved out an assumption of grandeur for them selves, “They are above common law.” Republican congressmen are forced to resign over allegations Democrats slide by on, an example is William Jefferson of New Orleans who still has his seat in congress after accepting bribes and perks from foreign leaders.

Rep. Conyers could care less what Bush is supposedly guilty of. His complaint is against Republicans who impeached Clinton, its pay back time and Rep Conyers is duty bound to collect the debt. As is so often the case in congress, ‘Facts, we don’t need no stinking facts.” Congress operates in a bubble of its own, if they say its so then it must be so. Perhaps congress by virtue of their longevity, [Conyers has been in congress 40 years] they loose sight of America outside of Washington. Congress doesn’t get it, it wasn’t congress that elected Bush president it was the American voters, and so far the public isn’t calling for impeachment.

I have a number of Liberal friends who also advocate impeaching Bush. When I question them on what grounds I get the same answer, “He lied about the WMDs in Iraq.” Try as I may I can’t convince them it was the Clinton administration who first touted the WMDs Saddam Hussein supposedly had. No less than Teddy Kennedy took the senate floor to denounce Iraq for having WMDs aimed at destroying America. The first resolution to invade Iraq was passed by congress during the Clinton years.
When I ask my friends to explain this they have no answer other than Bush should be impeached on general principles. I’ve read several articles on this web site calling for the impeachment of President Bush sighting his misuses of executive powers as a reason. Here’s the list every time Bush used executive powers, please find the misuse of his authority and advise me, I can’t seem to find any, Att:

In 230 years only two presidents have been impeached and in both cases it was [personal not business.] Andrew Johnson was impeached for readmitting the south back into the Union with virtually no punishment. Bill Clinton was impeached because he was seen as a president without morals or character. What should have happened to Clinton, he should have served out his term then been prosecuted if warranted.

For those who know how the game of politic is played Clinton was seen as sliding by on Newt Gingrich’s brilliance. It was “The Contract With America” that created the Clinton economic boom, a boom that nearly went busted. It was a good thing George Bush could fart and chew gum at the same time. He’s been able to manage a number of crises and still keep the nation afloat. Try to explain that to a Liberal even with the obvious facts backing it up.

If we look back in history there’s a great deal of similarity between the Lincoln administration and that of George W. Bush. Both men have been maligned by congress, the media and the public. Both men had to contend with armchair Generals conducting the war in the press. Lincoln had an obvious advantage he had no Radio TV or Internet to contend with. Bush on the other hand is in the public eye 24 / 7. His private moments are speculated on by the tabloids and his most sever critics. Believe it or not there were actually presidents who took walks along Pennsylvania Avenue and sought out the public’s council. Andrew Jackson invited the public to Whitehouse functions. We can never go back to those times, what we can do is not make president bashing a public sport.

Conyers, Sheehan and the rest of the malcontents are blowing smoke up the publics six with the assist of the media, It’s time they were exposed for what they are, spoiled little children who aren’t getting their way, there will be no impeachment, there’s no reason.

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