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What a great week it’s been!

I traveled to Washington D.C. on Monday, July 16, and spent an exhausting 2 days trying to keep up with a group of American Heroes who have formed an organization called “Vets for Freedom”. This group is lead by 1st Lt. Pete Hegseth, an Iraq War Veteran. These men were an amazing breath of fresh air for me. We exchanged stories and ideas on the events taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan. These men understand what is at stake in the War on Terror.

On Tuesday, July 17th, we began a day long event with a briefing by Sen. Geoff Davis of Kentucky. Senator Davis was very informative about the political solutions that need to take place in Iraq in the next few months. Sen. Davis was optimistic that this can be accomplished; it’s just going to take some time and hard work. To quote Gen. Petraeus , “Hard is not hopeless”. We then heard from Dr. Kimberly Kagan, who is a Professor at West Point, for a military view. She was able to explain what is happening in Iraq like I have never heard before. She was able to break down all the dynamics involved so it was actually easy to understand what we are trying to accomplish, where we stand now and where we need to be. The one common denominator of all this? Our Sons’ and Daughters’ missions will be complete! We are on our way to victory in Iraq!

We then descended on the halls of Congress to let our voices be heard, that included meeting with our Senators on Capital Hill, Sen. Lindsey Graham met with us and told us of his commitment to the Veterans, The Iraqis and to winning the War on Terror. I also found it interesting that Senator Graham is also Col. Graham and is assigned as a Senior Instructor at the Air Force JAG School.

After the visit with Sen. Graham, we broke up into smaller groups and made visits to nearly 50 Senator’s offices. These visits included some hard line Anti Iraq / Anti Victory Senators such as Sen. Carl Levin’s Office, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Office, and Sen. Gordon Smith as well as some of our more staunch supporters such as Sen. John Thune, Sen. Joseph Lieberman and Sen. John McCain.

After our visit with our Senators, we were able to take part in a press conference at the Capital to state our case. I will tell you that it was amazing to be standing next to Sen. Joe Lieberman, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Sen. John McCain as well as our true American Heroes, Our Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans while they talked about the need for Victory against Al-Qaeda.

When it was all said and done, the Senators debated through the night and still came up short of the vote needed to demand a pull out of our troops.

I want to Thank Pete Hegseth, Javier Sanchez and all of the great men and women of Vets for Freedom for their great work this week.

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