Is This Still America?

By: Carolyn Hileman

You may not discuss immigration on a radio show, but you can burn an American flag. You may not read about immigration on a blog or forum, but you can if you are illegal you can stand in the streets and demand your rights. You as an American citizen cannot demand that our borders be secure, but if you are an illegal immigrant you can demand that the raids be stopped. Now I may be wrong here, but last time I checked we lived in America and were afforded freedom of speech and unless I am wrong that was given to us by our forefathers, not Trent Lott and the senators and congressmen wishing to silence us.

We did a very, very bad thing, something no American is supposed to do. We spoke up. We were supposed to keep our mouths shut and pay our taxes just like good Americans do, but we didn’t. We didn’t go out in the streets and start a riot. Not that we didn’t feel like doing it but we didn’t. All we did was make a few phone calls and for that those senators who were so heavily invested in selling us out are planning to punish us by the so-called fairness doctrine. I don’t know about you but I am not taking this lightly. Some of our leaders are wanting to take away our right to free speech and LARAZA agrees.

Now isn’t that interesting? I guess it is all related and since they have called us the wave of hate I will have to assume the hate speech law is aimed at us as well. Now if that does not take the cake, our senators are in Washington trying to figure out a way to take away free speech from their citizens while trying to legalize people who broke into our country and hailing their marches and demands as the next civil rights movement.

I have a question. Is this still America? Because from where I am sitting it sure as hell does not look like it.

Now let me get the new rules straight here. The illegal immigrants have every right to stand in our streets and demand citizenship and that we stop the raids, they have the right to sit in on private meetings with our senators and draft a bill favoring amnesty, they have the right to coerce our senators into trying to shove through bill after bill each with a different name so they can have amnesty, they have the right to stop peaceful law abiding citizens form marching in a park even though those citizens had a legal permit to do so, and we have the right to sit down and shut up.

We do not have the right to have our borders secure unless we give the illegal immigrants the right to amnesty; am I loosing my mind here or is this stuff really happening? I have figured out if Harry Reid thinks it is important enough to stay all night in the Senate, it must be something that will destroy America and her citizens because that is what this man wants and nothing less will do. I never in my life thought I could despise a man more than Tom Daschle, but I was wrong. This man scares the Hell out of me, simply because the issues he tends to push the hardest are the ones aimed at bringing us down and I have to wonder how such a man could make it to the senate much less a majority leader.

You would think that after the American people spoke out so very loudly about the amnesty bill they would have turned their attention to securing our borders, you would be wrong. Instead we get a steady diet of how stupid we are because we do not realize that we must give amnesty in order to secure our borders. We get Obama, Clinton and Romney out at their leadership conference telling them how they are what America symbolizes. We get senator Kyle working on yet another version of his last amnesty bill that he plans to bring out just before summer break, we get a hate speech bill and a fairness doctrine all aimed at shutting us up so they can ram this through without resistance and if you don’t think it can happen, guess who has been checking out the Voice,, and and I doubt it is just for light reading.

Just a little something to ponder, just what do they deem as hate speech and is any of it what you said to your senator? Are you ready to turn your listening and reading materials over to the senate so that they can decide if you may listen? Just exactly who gave them the right to run circles around our constitution, was it us, by being silent so long? Do we need to get even louder to make them understand that they are not allowed to make laws that will silence the American people, or do we need to go back into our shell and be good little Americans and just pay our taxes? Is this still America?

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