The Cult of Gore

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

I can see it: Back in the spring of 2001, after all of the Florida counts and recounts (and recounts) were exhausted, a plan was hatched. The goal was to use the power of ‘trend’ to reinvent former Vice President Al Gore. There had to be a raison d’etre; something that would appeal to the masses. If Gore learned anything from eight years as the understudy to Slick Willie Clinton (other than how to properly interview an intern) it was the value of fads. That, and the truth that Hollywood + rock stars = lots of media coverage and leftwing support. The most obvious target that would ensure not only the backing of the younger generation but play on the peoples sense of fear – only Gore can save the Earth! –was the environment. More specifically, the claim of global warming. Team Gore readjusted its focus from the White House to the Green House.

The rise of the Cult of Gore is an interesting study. Using the usual leftwing mix of paranoia, fear and guilt to sway public opinion, Gore has gone from electoral sore loser to Captain Planet in a matter of seven years. The socialist, tree-hugger activists have found their new Messiah. Bono has a new golf partner. Gore’s pseudo-documentary (and unofficial launch of his next presidential campaign) An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar, thereby devaluing the once-proud statue forever. He even attached his name to yet another hypocritical mass photo-op environmental rock concert. But is he really that concerned about the environment, or is he just blowing a lot of greenhouse gas?

As the second most powerful man in America for eight years, enviroNazi Gore had every chance to make the well-being of the trees and grass a priority. Interestingly, along with his buddy Bill, Gore refused to sign the United States on to the global Kyoto accord (which just may be the most astute thing Gore ever did). Despite having the environmental messiah as V.P., the Clinton administration never really did much as a replacement, however. Given that Clinton’s probable top priority for Gore was to ‘keep an eye out for Hillary’, it is understandable that climate change slipped through the cracks.

We must keep Al Gore’s history in mind. This man has, in the past:

• Claimed to have invented the Internet.
• Claimed to have been the inspiration for the movie ‘Love Story’.
• Claimed to have had a personality.

The Cult of Gore has crossed borders and has become as global as the warming itself. He has been featured so many times in so many ways on the Canadian national network CBC that, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was a Canadian politician. The Hour’s George Stroumboulopoulos seems so taken by the former V.P. that you’d swear it was a televised case of man-crush. Gore fits nicely into the CBC agenda. The network that once helped a pseudo-intellectual communist become a long-serving Prime Minister seems more than willing to give face time to the current hero of the Left.

Al Gore is a bitter man who is a gifted opportunist. He completely believes that he was robbed in 2000, and that it is his destiny to get to the White House once again. Watch for him to declare his candidacy for 2112.

About The Author Leigh Patrick Sullivan:
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