I Don’t Suppose It Matters

By: Carolyn Hileman

American citizens are having their freedom of speech ripped from them on a daily basis, not by some stupid wire tap, but by people who have no right to even be on American soil. But I don’t suppose it matters. Jim Gilchrest, founder of the Minutemen, was rushed on the stage at Columbia University because he was speaking against illegal immigration. The Paul Revere riders were run out of Boston because they were protesting illegal immigration. American’s are attacked daily for just attempting to protest, a right that is given them by our Bill of Rights. They are subject to cat calls, and violence. At one such demonstration they were forced to watch as the American flag was taken down from a flag pole on government property and the Mexican flag hoisted in its place. But I don’t suppose it matters.

Recently a group of Black Americans were stopped from marching on a park that they had a legal permit to march on because the other side promised a mini riot. But I don’t suppose it matters. I really don’t suppose any of this matters if you really do not care if you have freedom of speech. If you think that none of this affects you then why on earth should you care? Perhaps because you may find yourself in the same position as a man I heard from tonight who went from being successful in the housing industry to a much smaller bank roll because people stated hiring multi national laborers. Got to love that name. This man was so angry he went out to protest the owner who hired these multi national laborers and was arrested and spent 22 hours in jail for cursing. They could not arrest him for protesting, no that would be against his civil rights so they harassed him until he uttered a cuss word and then arrested him. The folks from US Border Watch will tell you that if that was an offence that would get you arrested there should have been hundreds of them arrested at some of their rallies. And we are not talking about Border patrol members either.

What is it we are always told when we say something about the illegal immigrant protestors? Doesn’t it go something like we may not like what they have to say but they have a right to say it? Someone should have mentioned that to the students at Columbia University and the immigrants in Boston and those in LA and other parts of our country. You see most of us thought that applied to American citizens and we have been proven wrong over and over again, but I don’t suppose it matters. I don’t suppose it matters that these same groups are lobbying our congress to enact a fairness doctrine so that they can not only shut us up on the streets but on the airwaves as well. If the fact that American citizens are being forced to listen to their rhetoric and are being labeled by those people who are supposed to be working for us does not bother you, then I don’t suppose you need that little thing called freedom of speech and you will gladly give that up.

You go on back to your job, while you have it, enjoy your baseball games and movies and forget that there are things going on in your country that should not be happening. We would not want to interrupt your wonderful life by interjecting a little reality. Take Susie to the Mall and Johnny to the game and forget all about the families who will never get to do those mundane things again because an illegal immigrant took their little Susie or Johnny away. Pop the top on that beer and sit back and relax, I don’t suppose it matters.

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The Hileman house plaster crafts is back and is bigger and better than ever, check us out at the plastercrafts.com

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