A step in the right direction or another ploy to shut us up?

By: Carolyn Hileman

The Senate today authorized more money for border security which on the face of it looks like one in the win column for us, if you don’t allow the it will make the other subject a little easier to swallow comments enter your brain. So now let me see last year they authorized 700 hundred miles of fence and we have seven so we can expect that by this time next year we will have fourteen. You will excuse me if I don’t hold my breath on this one; we have seen the shuck and jive on this one before and we know how they just love to stick stuff into these bills when we are not looking. Senator Graham who was practically holding hands with Kennedy fully expects that we will believe he has seen the light, they will authorize the money and then nothing will happen.

You know what they say, if everything is coming your way you are probably in the wrong lane, I think we might want to check to see if we are in the wrong lane. Pilgrims Pride the largest employer for illegal immigrants in East Texas suddenly decides they are going to lay them off, and senate is suddenly looking at enforcement only measures, I thought this stuff only happened on the twilight zone. Now I don’t want to make light of the fact that we are seeing some improvement, but I also do not want you to get the idea this war is over because I am here to tell you the mission is not yet accomplished. And we are not about to swallow anything till we see a fence has been built, that we have more border patrol agents and more companies either voluntarily lay off illegal workers or they are raided.

We need to see some action, and we need to see it now, we are tired of all the talk and the promises. We are sick of fences finally funded that are never built and we are not even going to entertain the idea of discussing those illegal immigrants until the fence is finished, not half finished but completely finished. Now if ICE does its job, that will mean by the time they actuarially build this fence and implement these border control actions most of the illegal immigrants will be sent home anyway and it might be a little easier to swallow the rest of the plan. But first they have to get the president to sign it and the way he has been acting lately I wouldn’t get my hopes up to high. If he does sign it and they start to work on the fence it could be a step in the right direction or another ploy to get us to shut up.

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