Are Pelosi and Reid The Eagles On The Flag Pole

By: Ken Hughes

Democratic politicians have dominated Congress and dogged President Bush throughout his two terms in the oval office. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this happened. When we were in school the nastiest little kid in the class got the teachers attention, he / she was the one every other kid wanted to placate. The fear of being on the receiving end of the little monsters wrath, that was greater than the desire to exert individual authority. And so it is in politics,

Nancy Pelosi and her little lapdog Harry Reid have been the noise makers in congress since 2001 when Bush first took office. It was Pelosi and Reid who first set the stage for the anti-war movement. Backed by Move-on-dot-org, they’ve been able to dominate the Media’s flow of biased reporting for the past six and a half years. For a long time I thought the Clintons were the leaders of the Democratic Party, then I realized it was George Sores speaking through his little lap dummy Howard Dean, the chairman of the DNC. The Clintons have their wing of the Democratic Party but it can never match the influence of George Soreses money.

I mean no disrespect to our national symbol the Eagle. It happens the Eagle is one of the most beloved but intimidating critters on earth. It brings out our national pride when properly displayed, when the Eagle is used badly it scares the hell out of the weak minded and weak willed among us.

As a Goldwater / Reagan Conservative Republican I’m at a loss to understand how the National Republican party could turn into a bunch of [girley-men.] How is it possible for the Republicans in Congress to fold like a cheap suitcase in such a short time?

I receive mail weekly from the National Republican Party praising me for my support. They send me certificates, lapel pins, plastic membership cards, invitations to dine with the president once a year along with ten thousand other select Republicans. These accolades are always accompanied with a solicitation for contributions. The exception has been my annual Christmas card from the Whitehouse [aka] Bush’s. I framed the first half dozen awards and hung them on my office wall, now as a rule they go unopened. When I received the same award twice in one week I became suspicious. I ask myself is this what my party has become, a bunch of over zealous fund raisers?

The courage of men like A. Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, B. Goldwater, and R. Reagan seems to have gotten lost in the past few years. What we seem to be left with are a bunch of accommodating namby pamby’s who haven’t the courage to stand up to a pair of angry Democrats who dominate congress by fear an intimidation. Pelosi and Read are indeed sitting at the top of the flag pole. Pelosi and Reid have urinated on all the trees and lamppost around the Capital marking their territory for years to come. There’s nowhere left for the public to be heard except through Talk Radio and the Internet, I’m convinced when God sees an injustice he / she always seems to give us a way out. It seems God provides us with new technology when the old technologies become corrupted.

Perhaps I’m being too critical of our Republican congress persons, I’m sure not all are as incompetent as those who manage to capitulate to the news media. In fact there’re many good congress men and women who aren’t contacted by the media because they simply aren’t charismatic enough. Logic and common sense proposals don’t sell news.

Governing 300 million people by our system of constitutional laws is neither rocket science or difficult if the rules were followed. There’re seven articles and twenty-seven amendments to follow spelling out the rules in detail. My copy of the constitution is the same as nearly every congressman carries, its 4” X 7” and 30 pages, compliments of Gerald Ford. Those few words have sustained this nation for 230 years. It wasn’t until President Franklin D. Roosevelt found ways to make end runs around the constitution that it began to deteriorate. We’ve had 75 years of progressive reforms, have they been worth the cost in money and personal liberties?

There are no provisions in the constitution for partisan politics, campaign financing and lobbyists. Yet these are the deciding factors that seem to dominate congress. President Andrew Jackson would invite the public to the Whitehouse for a belt of Bourbon. Now the average citizen can’t get past the guard at the front door of the Capital. It seems this nation has advanced a long way down the wrong road when it comes to public participation in their government.

Freedom is never free unless we’re willing to sacrifice and fight for it

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