Title: Lest We Forget The Sacrifice!

By: Guest Authors

By: Carl Fish

I’m not sure about most of you, but I’m tired of Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britany Spears taking up all the news media.

We are a misguided people in America. Either because of the media or our own faults, we are drawn to stories of spoiled rich celebrities more than we are brave soldiers. Least we forget the sacrifice that they make everyday. I’m not just talking about those that have died or that are injured, I’m talking about all veterans and soldiers in general. They deserve to be put on pedestals and praised for everything that they have done and everything they stand for in this country.

Whether you agree with the Iraq War or not we should never forget the soldiers who stand up for us. Because believe it or not they are standing up for each and everyone of us. Our soldiers are stationed in every corner of globe and they all voluntarily went their. Don’t turn your back on them or your country because you don’t agree with where we are at the very moment. Those young men and women who represent everything that is great about the country we live in deserve our complete support and our respect. We should see what we can do to help them instead of buying that rag they call a magazine in the shopping store( too many of them to list here) that has there mug shot’s plastered all over them. We should not spend money to watch one of the crappy movies they put out or album they sell.

We should let news stations such as ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and others) that we don’t want to see constant stories about these delinquents. We want to see more and I’m talking more stories about our finest and braves men and women in the armed services. It doesn’t have to be all about the tragedy that has befallen a soldier. It can be about the great accomplishments they have made or how they far when they come home. About the births and the marriages. I know we have seen a couple here and their, but they are few and far between. We get a 5 minute blip in the media about a soldier dying in Afghanistan or Iraq and 5 hours worth of Anna Nicole Smith!

Writer for the DailyRidge.Com.

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