It’s All Bush’s Fault

By: Ken Hughes

There’s a mentality among the Washingtonians including presidents they are above the masses. They seem to think they are the real people and the rest of us are only around to pay the bills. President Bush is remiss in not communicating more directly with the public. He’s more inclined to let the media do his talking for him. The President has scarcely 18 months to dig his way out of the hole he’s created for himself. When the president speaks directly to the American public they listen, it reflects in a positive way his pole numbers move up. What is it that makes this president reluctant to toot his own horn?

Democrats are quick to point out blips in the economy as being something the president is responsible for. Today the housing market is faltering from excesses, builders built to large of houses, consumers made purchases over their financial limits, lending intuitions made loans beyond the consumer’s ability to repay. How is this Bush’s fault, it seems to me it’s as much a congressional problem as the presidents, in the end it’s the publics fault.

It seems the Democrats are going to concentrate on the war in Iraq as their 2008 Election center point. In many ways the war in Iraq has been a success, The Saddam Hussein Regime is gone, The Iraqi people are free to practice their religion, educate their children and yes even kill each other over religious and political differences if they chose. According to many historical scholars Iraq is the land of the Garden of Eden, surely something went aria on the way to the 21st century. Iraq has the opportunity to join a world bent on the oppression of the masses or to take advantage of the help they are getting from the Bush administration. George Bush doesn’t seem to be able to get that message across to either the Iraqis or the Americans.

George Bush is one of those West Texas Gentlemen who’s reluctant to criticize another man for having a different opinion. Growing up in the sand hills of Midland Texas he learned to respect those friends he had, friends in that part of the country are a long way apart. George Bush took his inherent respect for his fellow man to Washington and it was shredded like Monica’s under panties. Washington is not the place to practice the niceties your Mamma taught you down on the Ranch. Washington is the land where the Alpha Dogs prevail. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “Never Have So Few Intimidated So Many For So Long.” that’s your congress at work for the public good, [well maybe for themselves.]

“Mr. Bush Goes To Washington,” George Bush arrived in Washington an optimist, the American public began to see how his opposition were taking advantage of his attempts at cooperation, that fact flew over the presidents head unnoticed. George Bush is in trouble because he, congress and the American public can’t envision the rest of the world in any terms other than our own. Americans embrace but don’t understand other cultures. When they see a Muslim woman on the street with her head covered the Americans think it’s because she didn’t comb her hair before going out. Americans take a simplistic view of deep seated traditions of others. And that builds resentment among the ethnic population, some are slow others never assimilate into the American culture. We don’t understand why, when the individuals personal freedoms are at the corps of our society.

In the eyes of the rest of the world Americans are all undisciplined Cowboys, in their eyes when a Cowboy comes to Washington it proves their point. Never mind some of our most influential presidents have been Farm Boys and Cowboys. Urban America came off the farm less than 100 years ago, it is only natural we would still maintain a cretin Cowboy mentality.

More than anywhere else in our society political lying has become commonplace. No one expects a politician will tell the truth, it’s difficult for a president to lead a nation when everyone thinks he / she is lying. Everything George Bush says or does become fish bate for his political opponents, there was a time when the nations interests came before partisan politics. Now every utterance of the president is turned into political fodder.

Liberals have a misery index it’s a precursor for their socialist agenda. Liberals are convincing many in the public if poverty and misery are spread equally among the middle class the poor may not prosper but they’ll at least be in better company as the middle class sinks to their level. Personal ambition is fast becoming a four letter word, Liberals are concerned if those who wish to prosper and gain wealth are allowed to do so they’ll surely offend the poor, offending isn’t acceptable in this PC society we are allowing to take over our lives. The time has come for every voter to question where this nation is headed and why. Have the congressional has-beens serving in perpetuity done their job over the years or have they concentrated on saving their jobs should they be replaced? You vote you decide!

Freedom isn’t free, prosperity isn’t a gift from the government. Because of the predatory nature of man we must fight for our freedom and sustenance each day.

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