Minuteman Project Receives Glowing Financial Audit Report

By: Jim Gilchrist

by Perry Emerson

The long-awaited results of a financial audit of the Minuteman Project were presented publicly today with a positive audit report that establishes the integrity of that organization and its president, Jim Gilchrist.

The audit firm’s “unqualified” report is the most prestigious and complimentary opinion that can be given to a company by the accounting and audit industry in the United States. The audit was conducted by the Burbank, Ca. CPA firm of Terrence Milaney.

“I am elated,” Gilchrist said of the results of the two-month-long audit of the immigration law enforcement advocacy group he founded almost three years ago to bring national awareness to the nation’s illegal alien invasion crisis.

“I never doubted that the Minuteman Project would come through its annual audit with flying colors,” Gilchrist added.The auditor’s report stated that the financial position of the Minuteman Project was in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles “in all respects.”

The Minuteman Project, founded by Gilchrist on Oct. 1, 2004, spawned a coast-to-coast movement with several hundred independent minuteman organizations sprouting up nationally. Gilchrist, known for maintaining a policy of openness to law enforcement, tax authorities, and the media, said transparency is the best policy in the business of volunteer activism.

Gilchrist’s advice to the many minuteman groups across the country: “Let’s get on with saving our country. Come on, Americans. Let’s roll!”

Gilchrist added that he expects those who attempted to steal the Minuteman Project several months ago will continue harassing him and his associates with frivolous lawsuits, malicious defamation, and other types of interference designed to stall the minuteman movement.

The audit report and accompanying financial statements will be available for viewing on the Minuteman Project and Gilchrist’s personal web sites on August 3.

Please visit:
www.minutemanproject.com or www.jimgilchrist.com

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