Will Fred Thompson Loose It Before He Gets It

By: Ken Hughes

There seems to be some squabbling in the Fred Thompson exploratory campaign origination. Excuse me didn’t we hear the same arguments when Bill Clinton announced his bid for the presidency? Didn’t the knowledgeable pundits of the day predict if Hillary didn’t back off and butt out she would hurt Bill’s campaign? And now the circle repeats it’s self, pundits predict voters vote and never the two shall meet.

There isn’t much to be gained long term from being a member of a presidential candidate’s staff, at least an unpaid intern. On the short side there are the parties, the money depending what level you’re at. Then when you return to Puddle Jump Tennessee you can point to the tub and tell your friends how you put the president in the Oval office.

Newt Gringrich summarized it very well when he said, candidates must now absorb what focus group learned from TV pundits and polls last night and pass it on to the political handlers, who gave it to the media consultants, for the candidate to memorize and spontaneously spew out at his next news conference. On the short side it’s all about paid professional handlers, who when the campaign is over win or lose will move on to the next campaign with out remembering the last one.

There’s every indication Fred Thompson may have married Hillary’s clone in the sense of her participation in the campaign. I suggest those who join the team learn very fast Fred only has one personal handler and that will be Jeri Kehn Thompson, Fred Thompson’s [Trophy Wife, according to Democrats.]

I wonder why Dennis Kucinich young wife isn’t referred to in those terms, perhaps because no one is taking Dennis serious or perhaps because he’s a Democrat. Younger First Ladies aren’t without president, Grover Cleveland’s wife was 27 years his junior. It must be any fuel that feeds the fires of discontent are permissible in a presidential campaign?

Should Fred Thompson become president he wouldn’t be the first man to have a strong minded wife covering his back and soothing his wounded ego when necessary? There were several president’s wives who were women of strong character and deep convictions, Ellen Axon Wilson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton. Each of these women was an important part of their husband’s campaigns and presidency’s. It’s been suggested had it not been for the strength of these ladies their husbands may not have been president.

Liberal Political Columnist Susan Estrich, [the lefts answer to Ann Coulter] wrote an article for NewsMax.com July 13th suggesting anyone with boobs and a pretty face doesn’t qualify as a First Lady. I wonder if the same criteria apply for someone with a broad Rear End and a Bo-Tox injected face qualifying for president. Ms. Estrich who normally champions women’s achievements seems to have something against politician’s wives who aren’t flat chested fat and ugly. Ms. Estrich had some very disparaging remarks about Jeri and past Republican First Ladies. In fact Ms. Estrich was anything but complimentary in her pseudo-humors remarks concerning Jeri Thompson, this coming from a person who appears to be the last step in the evolutionary chain before the arrival of homo-sapiens.

Ms. Estrich suggested Men would be jealous and impressed, women would turn their heads and say “ick”, I’m sure the voters are beyond such trivial behavior. Enough about Ms. Estrich and her catty remarks lets look at Jeri Thompson’s qualifications.

Let me preface this by saying, seldom do brains and beauty come in the same package, in the case of Jeri Thompson God made an exception. Let me also say rather than Fred marrying a gold digger he married a gold miner perfectly capable of standing by as a qualified political advisor. Jeri Thompson isn’t a newcomer to politics, she’s paid her dues and now that it’s time to cash in with Husband Fred she isn’t likely to be a wallflower.

Politics has gone from a cottage industry to industrial giant status. Today’s political operatives could work either side of the street with ease, they come in the form of fund raisers, media consultants, personal appearance consultants, and in some cases, [not Fred’s] hair stylists Jeri Thompson will be there to make sure the sharks swimming with them aren’t the sharks swimming against them.

Speculation is the name of the game in Washington and with those who write about Washington and politics. We’re wrong more than we’re right but that little formality doesn’t seen to stop us. Handicapping political campaigns is a lot like handicapping horse races. There’s always the unexpected that changes the outcome. There are a number of stumbling blocks that can trip a candidates up, There was a time when infidelity and blaspheme were sure killers of any presidential campaign. Not only are they accepted these days, it’s expected.

The circumstances change but can Fred and Jeri be perceived as being as well mated as Bill and Hillary were to occupy the Whitehouse?

Unlike Abe Lincoln, Fred Thompson was a Lobbyist first then a Rail Splitter, [to uses a metaphor.] If we’re going to have a congress ruled by the power of money, it stands to reason we should have a president who knows the smell of money, were to find it and how to use it. Fred Thompson despite his warts if any is as well or better qualified than any candidate in the race, should he decide to enter.

Fred Dolton Thompson and Jeri Kehn Thompson are a match made in Republican Heaven for the American peoples benefit.

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