When You Look At The Flag

By: Carolyn Hileman

When you look at the flag what do you see? Do you just see a bunch of stars and stripes? Or do you see the young black man coasting to work on fumes because he can’t afford to buy gas until he gets paid? Do you see the smiling waitress who brings you your drinks and cleans up your mess after eating? What do you see when you look at the flag? If all you are seeing is the red white and blue, the stripes and the stars then perhaps you are not looking close enough. Run your fingers across the fabric what do you feel? Do you feel the wrinkled fingers of the soldier who placed that flag over the coffin of his best friend? Do you feel the cold gold band of the woman who was given that flag after they lowered her husband into the ground? You don’t feel that you say, it is nothing but a piece of cloth with bold colors on it, you would be wrong, why don’t you touch it again.

Can you feel the pain and heartache that the flag has borne for generation after generation, can you feel the immense pride it has in its countrymen and those who boldly carried it and planted it on the hills to claim a victory for America? Woven into that piece of cloth with the bright colors is our history, from the first battle of independence to the battle we are fighting now. It carries with it the past and the future and it does so with honor and dignity, woven into that cloth is the woman who has watched her children grow up and wonders if she is a bother to them now that they don’t need her. Stitched in it are the scars that our young men still carry from all the wars and the pride of winning. We are not talking about some ordinary piece of cloth here; we are talking about the flag of the United States of America.

She has been burned, shot, torn and forgotten and still she waves proud, she carries with her the stories of the people who chose to call her their own. She will fly high or wait patiently in a closet depending on who owns her at that moment. She has flown at half mast in respect for America’s dead and she has covered the hole in the pentagon, she stood proud on the ruins of the trade centers as a reminder to the world that we were not destroyed, she has covered the coffin of our heroes and she has hung proudly outside of the old run down shack, because that is her job to stand proud for the American people. So take a look again at the flag and forget all the lessons you learned in school what does it mean to you today?

You see they can take away our jobs, they can take away our cars, they can take away our internet but not one single American citizen would give up their flag. Because that flag has been with us through it all from the rockets red glare to the smoke filled streets of New York, it has seen our babies be born and our old people die, it has seen us graduate and get married and it has seen us loose our jobs and our faith and not once did that flag hang low, no it flew high because it knew that as an American we could overcome anything. There is a reason people get angry when some disgraces our flag it is because that flag belongs to every single American citizen, it is a symbol of our freedom bought and paid for by the lives of our forefathers and it is in every single one of our hearts. So look at it again and run your fingers across it and then you tell me what do you see when you look at the flag?

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