Packaging Fred, Jeri Thompson’s Husband

By: Ken Hughes

Nothing could rocket Fred Thompson’s presidential aspiration upward faster than the catty critics of his wife Jeri and her obvious appealing persona both intellectual and physical. Green as in jealousy and green as in money can be used to a candidate’s advantage when properly packaged. Jeri Thompson is just the lady who knows how to package a candidate, her candidate.

Both Fred and Jeri Thompson have been around Washington politics long enough to know how the game is played. We know a lot about what Fred Thompson reportedly was. We know very little about whom Fred Thompson is, I seriously doubt that isn’t how they’re deliberately playing the game. Let the pundits pontificate making their predictions, and then Fred comes out and blows all the speculation away.

Beauty in the hands of a seriously skilled person can be used as effectively as speech. While Jeri Thompson’s critics are concentrating on her physical attributes the voter will be more impressed with he intellectual attributes. Most people who bother to vote are serious about their vote and aren’t likely to let a few snide remarks influence their choice.

I doubt the Thompson’s will be campaigning using the politics of hysteria, they’ll leave that to the Democrats. Fred Thompson always has a soothing effect when he speaks, be it as an Actor, Lawyer or Politician. He’s a man with trust written all over him, when his opponents try to paint him otherwise it simply isn’t believable. Fred Thompson is the quintessential southern country boy who came to Washington to make a difference, at least that’s what we’ll be made to believe. As I recall Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton both used that pitch, it worked for them and it’ll work for Fred. Fred has an additional advantage he’s tot’n Daisy Mae along with him, which will be what the late night TV Hosts will say.

There is no husband wife combination who can match Fred and Jeri in charisma, not even the Clintons. What charm Bill has is wiped out by Hillary’s harshness. Fred Thompson isn’t just another pretty face; in fact he’s anything but pretty. What he lacks in good looks he make up for in intelligence and charm, and smart trumps handsome in my book.

Enough praise, this is some of what Fred Thompson must convince his conservative base, independents and Reagan Democrats of what he stands for to get elected president in 2008.

Use any means necessary, coercion, intimidation embarrassment and threats to bring congress back to serving the peoples needs over their own.

Secure the boarders to prevent illegal invasion of this country. Pass laws with teeth that don’t accommodate special interests.

Continually seek ways to cut taxes and reduce government spending.

Appoint Judges who understand the constitution and don’t legislate from the bench.

Find a way out of Iraq that doesn’t involve surrendering to the terrorists.

Stand up to the most incompetent congress this nation’s ever experienced.

Review all government social welfare, social security and special funding programs keeping only those that are effective and needed.

Revamp the educational system, taking it out of the hands of the Unions and giving it back to the local communities where it belongs.

When campaigning don’t feed the public [bull sh*t] and call it Girl Scout Cookies.

Above all adhere to the constitution and the principles this nation was founded on, return to “We The People” not “We The Washingtonians.”

There are two Americas, but not the two claimed by some politicians. The two Americas are the political divisions of those with political influence and access and those without. The next president would do well to recognize this as a fact and do something to change it. When congress balked President Reagan went directly to the public, a tactic he used often and successfully.

This country is ready for an honest presidential candidate who trusts the voter enough to know they aren’t stupid, leave that to the Democrats.

God Bless America……Please

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