Show A Little Respect, To Your Country And To Your People.

By: Carolyn Hileman

She was never a star, never did anything noteworthy, and just lived her life with dignity until her last day. He went to work daily and provided for his family, never made a million but he left his kids with a love that money can’t buy. They lived their lives with dignity and respect only to have people ignore them as they were carried down the road to their final resting place. It would not have hurt those people to pull over to the side of the road and let the procession pass, it would have only taken a minute out of their busy life, a minute they could have used to reflect on their own lives and maybe wonder how many cars would be trailing their hearse. Instead they were in a rush to get somewhere anywhere away from there, maybe because they did not want to think about it or maybe because they were not raised with the common dignity and respect for the dead that others are, but they slid into the procession, or just out right ignored it either way they in that instant told those family members and their friends that the death of their loved one meant nothing to them.

Sports can be tiring, you wear yourself out getting up and down to get a beer and drinks and snacks, I mean really, then in the seventh inning they expect you to get up yet again so somebody can sing the Anthem off key and besides your team is losing. You know I will just bet that our founding fathers were tired; I mean really they didn’t have tanks to whisk them around in, no they had to march and they needed to be back home tending the fields. But I will bet you anything that if they had the chance to stop and sing a tribute to America and salute the flag of their country they would have at least taken off their caps. They would have placed their hand over their heart and they would have stood at attention not slumped over like they were going to die at any second with their arms crossed and their caps backwards.

Every single day we hear about values, the candidates use that phrase so often I suppose it has become lame to most people. Just because some of our elected leaders do not know how to behave and have made a game out of disrespecting anything we stand for does not mean we must follow them. I do believe the last time I saw people singing the Anthem with their hands on their hearts was right after 9/11 and the last time I saw a funeral procession where people actually moved to the side of the road was when my husbands grand mother died and the only reason that happened was because a wonderful cop stopped in the middle of the road got out of the car with his gun drawn, no one dared pass us.

Now days the only people you see who have any respect for the dead or the flag or the old people and I suspect it might be because they were taught that respect and I find it very hard to believe they did not pass that down to the other generations so someone must have decided not to listen. Just in case you were not listening when your parents told you let me give you a refresher. When you see a funeral procession unless you are rushing to the hospital or your brakes are not working pull over to the side of the road and let them pass. When the flag of our country is brought before you and the National Anthem is being played stand up, put your hand over your heart or salute if you are military and I really do not care if your team is losing. Show a little respect, to your country and to your people.

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