George Bush, Congress Is Setting You Up

By: Ken Hughes

According to the New York Times, the new wiretap authorization Bush signed into law Sunday goes far beyond what the president requested. When the ink dries who will be the first Democrat to come before the public accusing the president of over stepping his authority? This new law shouldn’t involve domestic wire tapping only those international in nature. Congress denying responsibility has been a ploy Democrats have used against Bush his entire presidency. They give Bush the tools to fight the war on terror then ridicule or not allow him to use them.

The new law sanctioned by both houses of congress and both parties is so broad it actually encourages violations. President Bush can’t be held accountable for laws congress passes that bureaucratic underling take advantage of. People involved in national security become zealots doing their job. “America First” is hammered into their heads every hour of every day. It’s their job to see a bad guy attached to every cell phone or computer. Where the welfare of American citizens is concerned, innocent until proven guilty has little meaning dealing with terrorists.

Americans have become complacent, the world outside has little meaning more than a reality TV program. The attack of 9/11 had an impact on every decent American. Within a news cycle the impact began to dwindle with the exception of the victim’s families and a few war hawks. Americans didn’t forget and did care, it came time to move on and let the experts take charge. One group of experts perhaps the most important were our military forces. In my opinion taking the fight to al Qaeda on al Qaeda’s turf made this country safer. We sleep better at night knowing our young men and women have our backs covered.

As America grows the need for security grows as well as our other many needs. One of those needs should be privacy, that isn’t the case. There are groups out there who know more about you and me than we know about our self and I’m not referring to the government. How can we protect against the misuse of all that information, we can’t? Congress chooses to error on the side of commerce rather than the public. Congress is so intent on managing the war they’re forgetting the publics needs.

It seems congress was in such a hurry when debating the new wire tap law they neglected to include sufficient safeguards directing it between suspected terrorist and their conspirators only, instead it applies to any international calls anywhere in the world, that’s like giving a five year old a bag of candy and telling them to only eat one piece. When this new law is stretched to the limit as it will be, will congress or the president get blamed?

The new Democratic Congress, fears being soft on terrorism more than they fear the terrorists. To President Bush it’s about the safety of Americans, to congress it’s all about politics and elections. These sporadic terrorist attacks around the world don’t seem to be making an impression on congress. It seems if they can’t feel the heat there’s no point in leaving the kitchen. Rather than take the security of America seriously they prefer to open up 300 plus investigations of past Whitehouse dealings. Who investigates congress?

The incompetence of congress is bipartisan, both political parties and both houses of congress are equally accountable. This isn’t something new it’s been going on since the elections of 1932 when Franklin Roosevelt instilled his new brand of socialism on America. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or deliberate intent. I suspect turning America into the Nanny State had more to do with changing America’s dependency on government than their good intentions. When I was a child during the great depression anyone who spoke ill of FDR was a blasphemer. Many of today’s middle class still hold on to the belief, the government’s the solution to all the nations’ ills at least some still feel that way.

There’s a new breed of American surfacing, they’re the independent contractors who build houses and paint them, and they haul goods to markets. There are numerous vocations independent entrepreneurs, who’ve replaced the large businesses who no longer cared to, compete. These men and women are the CEO of tomorrow and their numbers are growing. They aren’t stupid and they aren’t bashful, I just thought I’d warn you congress.

Business provides jobs, product and opportunity, government siphons off money and personal freedoms. Government is a necessary parasite with no profit capabilities. When the government taxes for a project the money goes back into the economy minus the government administrative expenses. Civilian contractors build things and break other things as needed. Their civilian workers are paid with taxpayer’s money. The government is simply the middle whore sharing the wealth.

I have argued for years for term limits for all congressman, house and senate. There comes a time when the fat old fish is too lazy to swim up stream and prefers the statuesque. They swim in the shallow end of the pond sucking worms out of the mud, and so it is with congress. Most are too old and have been there to long to be effective in this modern age of technology. We’re passing them by and they’re trying to hold us back.

Term Limits, Term Limits and Term Limits, so say you all ??

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