Racism Charge No Reason To Apologize

By: Bob Parks

As expected, my last piece on no longer apologizing to Muslims drew the expected responses. Here are a couple….

“Ya know, I’m old enough to remember when folks talked about black people this way. Somehow managed to repeat only the bad stories, the worst examples, the ugliest crimes. Complained that “they” were demanding too much, that “they” ought to stop trying to change the way “we” liked things to be. People really did that (some still do). They didn’t see themselves as bigots, but realists, just telling it like it is.

“I am tired of apologizing to Muslims”

They too said they were tired of apologizing, but ya know, I never heard them apologize at all.”

And there was this one.

“Bob, what name would you call yourself? You’ve used the words intolerant and unapologetic. You’ve described Muslims in the worst terms possible. Is there another word besides racist that you would like us to use?”

It’s truly amazing how unoriginal the liberal template of response is to those who disagree with them. Throw out the “r-word” and that should shut me up, right?

Let’s look at the first response, and by the way, there were many like that.

Muslims are fortunate to have come to the United States and many other nations voluntarily. Black people in America were brought here by force. That’s not an excuse for bad behavior, but decades of liberal social experimentation on black people following the end of slavery and the Jim Crow era have resulted in the situation we have today that breeds the bad behavior and also breeds resentment.

When more than 70% of black children don’t know who their daddy is, and the only real father in that family shows up in the mailbox twice a month, we will have problems that will spill out onto the streets. Mothers do all the valuable nurturing they can, but without being able to use the phrase “Wait til’ I tell your Daddy”, things will continue to spiral out of control in a manner that will falsely indict all black people, and give fodder to racists everywhere.

As far as my being a “racist” for not wanting to apologize to Muslims or capitulate to their constant demands on us, those who use that word are purposefully engaging in the very race-baiting they claim to abhor.

They are wrong for one very simple reason: black people are a race; Muslims are not. Thus, the race argument is again being used by liberals as a means of thought and free-speech control. To that, you know what you can do with yourselves.

Incidentally, I have not “described Muslims in the worst terms possible”. When writing that column, I also planned on posting the pictures of radicals who were rioting. Some of those in the pictures had signs calling for the beheading and just plain extermination of those who won’t submit to their way of life and law. Some of those rioters were burning effigies and the flags of certain nations. I believed that posting those pictures, which I have posted previously after a protest in England, would be a bit over the top so I chose not to.

That’s what I get for holding back.

Again I must reiterate: in my last column I never named a religion and I never used the word “all” in reference to Muslims. But it is also true that seemingly almost every other day, there is a Muslim somewhere demanding special treatment in our schools, on our fields, on the job, or in public places. Special treatment that no other group would be granted, in fact, some of our most honored traditions are being stripped away by secular progressives while one group’s demands are almost consistently being given into.

I also believe they are being given into, not out of cultural compassion, but of fear of retaliation. Should you piss off a Christian, they (heaven forbid) pray for you.

“I get what your saying, and I’m not apologizing either…. it sounds just a little racist to me. You’re basing all of your assumptions about Islam on what you’ve been reading and exposed to by the media, not by actual experience. You may want to actually meet one and find out what it’s about before you pass your edict.”

You’re damn right, I am basing what I see in the media.

Tell you what, I’ll say to some of these Muslims the same thing I’ve said to some black people. If you want the negative stigma to go away, BEHAVE YOURSELVES! Intimidating people is a choice. Blowing people up is a choice. It is not a calling.

When it becomes one, that gives us the situation we have now. Pointing that out is not racist. Calling it such is.

Bob Parks is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (www.thenma.org). The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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