Right Here At Home

By: Carolyn Hileman

I noticed in today’s news that the illegal immigrants are complaining about the loss of work, that they are not sending a bunch of money home anymore and that things are just not looking good for them right now. The news covers it of course like it is a terrible thing and we should be ashamed for pushing it this far, oh well. I really do not think it is wrong for us to expect that the money we spend at businesses here in America go to pay the wages of American citizens, I like the idea that my buying a meal out once in a while is helping Joe pay for his house or Mary to put her kids Christmas on layaway.

I like the fact that some day the person serving you or packaging your stuff might just be the owner of the newest store on the block, and that the money stays right here at home where it belongs. I would be thrilled to see kids out mowing people’s lawns like they did when I was growing up but someone passed a law that you must be eighteen to mow a lawn for pay, one more law passed to help the immigrants and hurt the future of America. You see if the kids can no longer charge Mrs. Jones $20.00 to mow her lawn then the landscape companies can hire one more illegal immigrant to do the job.

I personally would love to see the people of America buck the system on this and hire nothing but teenagers to mow their lawns, so what if it is illegal I don’t see anyone stopping illegal immigrants from doing it and besides the minute they do try and stop us we will just holler racial profiling. It is time we started taking our country back and the first step to that is shopping only at those places we are sure do not hire illegal immigrants, think of it as securing the future of America because that my friend is exactly what you are doing. We have a right to know that where ever we spend our hard earned money it is going to help our country and our community not some other country, but ours.

Call it nativism I really do not care, if it is wrong to want to see American dollars stay in America then it is wrong. This is my money I earned it and I don’t want it going to Mexico or Iran, I want it to stay right here at home. I want to see that it has improved the standard of living in my community, my country. I want to know where the people I do business with are putting the money I give them, I want to know if they are cheating the American people in my community both out of a job and out of the money that would otherwise be spent here. I want to support companies that support America, it is that simple, and I am not trying to be difficult I just want our money to stay right here at home.

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