They Are Killing Our Children

By: Carolyn Hileman

Children killed execution style on a school campus, teenagers strangled, little girls sexually assaulted and murdered, children killed on the road by drunks, does this not bother anybody but me? I think if I were the parents in some of these places where children were killed by people who have either been deported several times or should have been I think I would be in the streets demanding the law enforcement protect my children. Where is the outrage that our children are being molested and killed before our very eyes and the law enforcement instead of getting these people off the street before they can hurt or kill again we are to worried we might offend someone.

I personally do not care if criminals are offended, I care if my children are safe, I care if my government is working for me or if they working against me and if their indifference is getting children killed. I simply cannot imagine what I would be feeling if it was one of kids who were forced to kneel so they could shoot them in the head. Nor can I fathom finding out that the person who strangled my teen age daughter could have been deported not once but four times. No, we cannot bring back these children but we can silence the cry for justice by demanding that our law enforcement enforce the laws, and we need to demand it now.

There should not be people in this country illegally who have government protection to commit crimes, you can say that is not true all you want but what exactly do you call it when these people walk our streets illegally and not one officer will ask about their legal status? They don’t want the paper work; they don’t want to have to worry about the backlash from the immigrants so instead they leave parents to wonder if it is safe for their children to go outside. Their not wanting to do paper work has cost our children their lives and it is time they stopped this madness.

When they place the candles and flowers around at the high school where those young people were killed, they need to remember that this was not some freak accident; this was our government allowing their children to be killed because at this moment in time their feelings are more important than their kid’s safety. When you place that flower beside the pictures of these children who had their entire futures in front of them, say a prayer for the rest of them because God is the only thing that can save our children from these people, just remember the people who did this were not even supposed to be in this country and they are killing our children.

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