Internet Bloggers Are Politicians Watchdogs

By: Ken Hughes

I haven’t figured where I fit in this new world decimating information on politics and current events over the internet. I’m not a blogger I don’t have my own web site, I’m not a reporter I detest research, I don’t think I have the credentials to qualify as a columnist. At 76 I’ve been accused of being an irritating old bastard who writes and talks too much, whose opinions are too conservative to fit this modern society. Actually that’s about as close to the truth as it gets, I can accept that definition and consider it a badge of honor. As I see it my job is creating discourse, if I can make people think and have discussions for or against on a given topic I’ve been successful. I have no desire to make converts one way or the other.

I owe a debt of gratitude to those web sites willing to accept my articles for publication. They allow me the opportunity to voice my opinions [unedited] I’m eternally grateful, it saves a lot of TV screens and shoes.

Most blogs are associated with current events relating to politics. Bloging came into its own shortly before the 2004 presidential campaign, that’s when Internet News Magazines [for lack of a better term] began showing up. They consisted of nationally prominent syndicated columnist and citizen columnists articles appeared on the same page, lending credibility to both. There’ve been many times when my articles as well as hundreds of other writers work has appeared next to Oliver North, Pat Buchanan and Robert Novak to mention a few. People began to read the articles and not pay attention to the fact many of the authors were unknown.
Articles become more important than the Main Stream Medias recognition. MSM calls us foolish and undisciplined the public calls us the media, most bloggers take pride in telling the truth more so than the MSM. By whatever name you wish to call us the novas information providers on the internet have come into our own, we’re forces to be recognized.

With each election the internet grows more important to the candidates as a means of communicating with their base. By using the internet the base talks back allowing the candidates to shift their campaign strategy to conform to the current consensus. The once dominating News Networks are being left in the dust created by Talk Radio, Cable News TV and the Internet Bloggers. The MSM refuses to acknowledge The Drudge Report gets more hits [readers] than any print News Paper in the country including USA Today.

There are more liberal Bloggers than conservative by nearly two to one. Conservative blogs gets the lion share of readers. We can draw two conclusions from this, one Liberals talk and don’t listen, and two conservatives are searching for the facts. There’s no question not everything posted on the internet is fact. Much is slanted to discredit one political party or the other. A ploy the MSM has used since Benjamin Franklin published Poor Richards Almanac.

There are two schools of thought pertaining to the long lead time up to the election. Some candidates believe in pissing on as many trees and lamp poles, marking as much territory as possible is the key to success. Other believe the scent quickly wears off and waiting a reasonable time before bombarding the voters with all the unrealistic promises is the wiser approach, Actually neither works. The public isn’t paying any attention, candidates are preaching to the choir before the congregation gets out of bed. The only beneficiaries are the Media and Bloggers.

One thing this long lead time does. It gives those interested and with the energy to investigate every allegation of impropriety the candidates may or may not be guilty of. The former Clinton House Boy Dick Morris claims Hillary has a staff of Lawyers who do nothing but dig up dirt on her advisories, an advisory being anyone who doesn’t agree with Hillary. Then there’s Move-on-dot-org, however Hillary isn’t dancing to their tune. Hillary is more in keeping time with the Washington two-step. George Soros isn’t calling her shots, [yet.]

In my opinion a two year presidential campaign is much too long, they dilutes the purpose of a campaign, too many factors are bound to change in two years. Candidates end up explaining previous outdated positions on irrelevant subjects. But no one ever suggested politicians are geniuses, even suggesting their smart is a bit of a stretch.

God bless the bloggers and keep them safe from congressional legislation, let the first amendment stand as is.

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