Logo Sponsored Debate – Prepping a Minority or Pandering to Perverts

By: Rev. Bresciani

Two rebukes repeatedly leveled at Christians from today’s champions of “tolerance” are becoming wearisome when trying to apply scriptural admonition to the practice of homosexuality. First is the idea that calling it sin always means that believers hate homosexuals. The second is the feeling that Christians who hold to biblical truth are not in the twenty first century.

Six of the eight Democratic hopefuls were scrutinized by the gay community in a TV forum sponsored by the gay network Logo this week. The gay’s golden boy Dennis Kucinich carried the show with full sycophantic gushing and promises of giving them all they want if he becomes president.

The Gays were not happy to see that most of the hopefuls were attuned only to civil unions and not so much for “marriage” between same sex couples.

Barack Obama became defensive at one point and quickly re-asserted his track record for gay rights and civil unions. Obama is the only pro-gay candidate that used scripture to address the practice of homosexuality in times past but did not quote scripture that night.

He may have possibly caused the likes of Charles Spurgeon or George Whitfield to turn in their graves but there is little danger that he might rise to the level of Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Karl Barth as a theologian. In fact the only thing more perverted than the people he used scripture to defend, is the way he used the scriptures. Obama contends that Christians have resorted to an obscure passage from the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans rather than following the fairer and more loving teachings of Christ from the Sermon on the Mount.

The syrupy Woodstock idea of love is at best immature and at its worst is stupid. Love does not cover everything. The adulterer is using misplaced and misguided love to sin against their spouse. The idolater is using love to sin against God. The pedophile uses his love of children to abuse the innocent. The killer is using the love of death against all of mankind and the analogy is ad infinitum. The love of the homosexual for their own gender is not just misguided it is satanically premised and that is why the word perverted is not just used for effect or because someone is angry.

Christ told his Apostles in no uncertain terms that if men heard them then they were hearing him. (Luke 10:16) All scripture is God breathed and what Paul wrote is to be taken as seriously as what Jesus said. (2 Tim 3:16)

Obama has decided to correct the Apostle Paul with an air and an error that rises to the extreme heights of presumption. We can only wonder if he would also correct God for deciding mans helper should be a female. (Genesis 2:18f) Does Barack include Moses in his higher theology? Moses was more than emphatic about homosexuality being an “abomination?”(Sin that makes God sick to disgust) (Leviticus 18:22 20:13)

It is said that taking a scripture text out of its context may be used as a pretext. It is a fancy way of saying that a scripture text is known by the company it keeps. The surrounding text and themes sometimes must be included to keep the meaning accurate. The cry against the sin of homosexuality is in the very same context as incest, adultery, child abuse and bestiality. (Lev. 18: 20-25) No pretext here!

This view that homosexuality was an abomination prevailed throughout the centuries in Jewish history and was meticulously documented and transcribed through the scribes until the present time. Nothing, not the recent discoveries at the Qumran caves or any historical record past or present refutes this belief. Scripture shows us that hundreds of years after Moses the teachings against homosexuality were repeated by the Kings. (1 Kings 14:27) Then along came the gays of modernity with their handy self appointed theologian Barack Obama.

As to the idea that believing what God says about homosexuality is concomitant to hatred, nothing could be more patently absurd. Scripture, especially the New Testament strictly forbids hating anyone. It does not, however, require, demand or even imply that we cannot hate the sin.

We hate the sin not out of self righteousness but because of love. Yeah, it does sound crazy but it is rather simple. The equation goes like this. People, who love God, love what God loves, people who love God, hate what God hates. God loves all men even the homosexual but he has not changed his mind about hating homosexuality, and neither have we.

For those who think Christians are not living in the twentieth century it may tax the minds of neo-moralists out of proportion to try to understand that this notion is both correct and incorrect all at the same time.

If time is all it takes to change Gods mind then we have no anchor, no rock and may as well join the fray with the rest of those who twist scripture to make it mean what they want it to mean. Mans presumption is well noted by wisdoms simplest metaphors. God made time, the best man could do is to make watches and clocks. Who should be correcting who?

If we had to compare the longevity of Christian belief with modernity’s assertions about homosexuality Christians would come out far ahead. Scripture has held that homosexuality is a sin for over 4000 years. The Gay movement is less than a full generation old.

But why resort to beggarly earthly elements like time to make the point. Jesus Christ came from eternity and returned to eternity and spoke words from eternity to us. His words are transcendent. They are neither ancient nor modern. They are eternal. This surely is why Jesus said “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.”

The Gay community represents about five percent of voters in the United States. Hiding behind faltered theology, waiting for “science” to finally give the last and definitive answer or trying to look tolerant still leaves the debaters of the Logo sponsored TV night in wishy washy land looking like good old fashioned vote hungry panderers.

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