Gun thieves, and rights robbers

By: Guest Authors

By: Ryan Hills

I assume we are all aware of the tragedy that has befallen the city of New Orleans, and those unfortunate people that have had to suffer through disaster on a natural and government level. Not only has our government failed the people of New Orleans, when they could have done so much more to get them out of that city, but some members of the government have criminalized some of the good people that have not left their homes.

We are all aware of our constitutional rights. I mean after all they are outlined in black and white as clear as day. And whether you find it neccesary or not we were given the right to bear arms to hunt for food, and protect our families and property from enemy threats. Which means that every good honest American has the right to own a weapon as long as it goes through the proper legal channels which vary state to state. Does this mean that during a crisis, when the time to own a weapon is paramount, that our government is allowed to actualy strip us of our RIGHTS?

These crooks are people that walk into good american homes, without warrant, or any cause what so ever, stole the weapons that these people had purchased and had a right to own. Stole you say? Yes, when somebody barges into your home, takes something that rightfully belongs to you, and has no intention of ever giving it back, is an act of theft, and more over, its a violation of an american right.

From old women with gun collections, to pastors protecting their loved ones many were robbed. “We’re gonna take all the guns” that was a policeman’s statement, no court order or anything. What kind of American would do this to his own people? That poor old woman that was co-operativly handing over her weapons, was brutaly sent to the ground, and beaten by a crooked police officer. A complete shame, it is a good thing we have the NRA to fight things like this.

So the weapons were ORDERED to be returend immidiatly to every gun owner, so what do you think happens? Almost all the weapons were gone. They refused to take records, or keep account of what they did, they might has well have taken the poperty of these people and then threw it in the garbage. “ha well you wont be needing this ever again so there”. Something has to be done about things like this. They walk on us at every turn as the years go by. It becomes less and less of a democracy as time turns, and we are losing what this country was founded upon. Inflated gas prices, piss poor health polices, a war with dead Americans that nobody asked for, and now they walk in our homes and take what they want, this is an outrage.

As a former United States Marine I am unhappy with the way the govenment is treating our country. This soil has bred some of the hardest working, loving, moral (and the list goes on) people in the world. We take good care of ourselves and the people around us, while our government takes care of themselves and other countries. I LOVE this country and every immigrant I’ve ever spoken to loves it just the same. Whether from Yugoslavia, Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil, they love our country, because they know what we’re about. And no American should rest while our government picks our pockets, and rules us like a king.

Ryan Hills (The Outdoor Master) is a former United States Marine that has experience in everything from the wild, to the deep sea. The goal of the Outdoor Master is to be an accurate guide to outdoor recreational activites, and to be as original and practical as possible. Start with myvarmint rifle page.

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