The safety of my children

By: Carolyn Hileman

We count their fingers and toes, we spend hours just looking at them when they are asleep, we wake them up when they are asleep just to prove to ourselves they are still breathing. We change their diapers, powder their bottoms and even pop them when it is needed and we would gladly give our lives, to spare theirs. We dream of their graduation and the day they get married. We can’t go out to a restaurant or out of town without thinking how our children would enjoy this, our entire lives are wrapped up in that little ones future and we want it to be the best ever. We kiss their foreheads to check for fever, we know their doctors by first name, and we teach them to ride a bike, to fish to hunt, their ABC’s, we teach them about God and how to be a good person. We teach them to befriend the new kids, the different kids and we teach them to love.

We have boxes full of pictures and rolls of film we haven’t even developed yet; we have sweltered at their baseball games and frozen at their football games. We have sat through their concerts and managed to tell them they we perfect, eaten their burnt cookies and managed to choke out a request for more. We have wished they would just grow up and sat totally amazed when they did, amazed at the fine men and women they grew up to be and that time could possibly pass that quickly. We have done PTA, been room mothers and little league coaches, we have mended their clothes and their hearts when necessary and we did it because that little person staring up at us was a small part of us, it was our world, it was our life.

So how does one justify losing a child to any type of death much less by murder or by some one who is only here because someone was to lazy to do their job? How does one deal with the fact that after all of their hard work, all of their dreams for their child that suddenly that work and those dreams mean nothing? I lost my sister to a tragic accident and to this day I still miss her but what it did to my parents I am not sure I will ever forget. My Mom would say it isn’t right for your child to die before you; my Dad would here her voice or at least think he did and just stop in his tracks. I didn’t understand it then, maybe because I didn’t have children, but I understand now what it is to love someone so much that their death can destroy you.

It makes you very angry that our government cares so little about our children they would allow people who should not even be here to walk our streets in search of their next prey. It makes you even angrier to think that some of these people should have been taken off of our streets long before they ever came in contact with our children. That they allow known predators to roam our streets and if something happens to our kids they always assume it was their fault. They shouldn’t have been at the school grounds at that time of night, did they have a criminal record, and were they buying drugs, surely they must have been doing something bad to be killed; it must have been their fault.

It is bad enough when we have pedophiles who live in our neighborhoods and no one tells us, drunk drivers, and just generally sick individuals are enough to make you never let your child out side much less out of eye sight, but when you add in that 12 – 20 million illegal immigrants in this country, you realize your kids don’t have a chance. Not a single one of these people are here legally and we have no idea if they are a pedophile or murderer but we are to just assume they are good people. We are to allow them to work at our schools and on them, we shouldn’t ask questions, we might offend someone, we shouldn’t ask the home owner across the street who is mowing their lawn or fixing their roof, we should just accept them. We should not demand that they enforce the law, not for us or for our children. We should just pay taxes so they can give that money to those who came here and decided not to work, we should turn our heads when we question if the neighbor is using illegal help, it is none of our business, just like when a pedophile moves in next door, we should be accepting of these people.

The president didn’t count my daughters toes, senate didn’t powder her bottom, congress didn’t sit up nights with her when she was sick, they didn’t go meet the teachers, help her with homework or make her clean her room, they can never understand what it is like to tell your child they will have to work their way through college, maybe if the did they would understand why we get so angry and why we fight so hard. It is not about race, or color it is about safety, the safety of my children.

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