Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

By: Carolyn Hileman

The golden rule, one of which we are to live by, is one that can and does get confusing when faced with a lot of different others to do for. The illegal immigrants would say that means that if we wanted them to allow us to come into their country illegally and drain their social services, and demand rights we should of course do that for them. You are going to have to excuse me but I know of no one who wishes to do that, so that rule does not work in this situation. Now of course we have those people affected the most by illegal immigration, the victims of this victimless crime, those who have lost jobs or businesses, family members or their lives to think about as well and if it were me I would want someone, anyone out there screaming as loud as they could for justice for me, so I shall continue to do unto others.

This is not a case of a people who are being tortured in their homeland by ruthless dictators as a matter of fact we have some of those who cannot get in because we are to busy trying to give these others citizenship. During the Amnesty debates in Senate we heard some stirring speeches from the likes of Teddy Kennedy, he told of horrid working conditions, of a people who were forced to work twelve hour days often with little pay, and that this was not in Mexico it was in America. What he didn’t mention was that these people had a choice to come here, could go home if they did not like it here, but chose rather to try and force our government to change what they came here for. What else he didn’t mention was the Americans, not once did he say anything about the men and women of America who have either lost their jobs to illegal immigration or their businesses.

He didn’t mention Dustin Inman, Alexis Quezada, Jordin Paulder, Zina Linnik, Baby Mondragon, Martha Mondragon , Joycelyn Gardiner, Mackenzie Kingry, or Ruben Anthony Morfin, perhaps because to mention them would be admitting that illegal immigration was not a victimless crime. Do not kid yourself this is a very short list there are many more and three more were added just last week, 25 people per day, 125 per week, 541.6 per month and 6500 per year of non victims, of nameless Americans who didn’t even rank a mention in the senate debates. That is one person per hour, if the totals were anywhere near that high in the war on terror the democrats might have a chance at further weakening our defenses, but on average every day in America one person will meet that one illegal immigrant that will either shoot, strangle, rape and torture or beat them, or kill them while driving drunk, one person per hour.

The parents of Dustin Inman, had no idea their son would be one, those three innocent teenagers had no idea when they went to the school to hang out they would be one, and we have no idea who will be the next one. We have been told that illegal immigrants are not committing a crime simply by being in the United States when they are, the very name which most of our leaders can’t pronounce, implies criminal activity. Does one really expect that after committing a crime to get here and another to stay here and another each and every day they work that they are apt after getting away with that to become wonderful citizens and work towards the good of America? Do we really have any idea who it is that is just walking across our borders? Does anyone remember the Fort Dix six? Or the trade center 19? Expired Visas and the smell of smoke? Has everyone already forgotten those non victims as well? I have not, and I have not forgotten the names I personally listed on the wall of names, those people are crying out for justice, for someone, anyone to acknowledge their existence, their lives, their contributions to the world and their untimely often ruthless deaths, these people would like their right to be alive, to be with their family, to go to the ball games, the movies, to date, go to their prom, marry, have a family, is that to much to ask for? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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