The lazy Americans

By: Carolyn Hileman

From barren land to skyscrapers Americans have always carved their mark in this world, from the wonders of the first plane to the space shuttle we have dreamed and we have made those dreams a reality. From the cattle grazing on the field, to the little Mom and Pop Café we have taken pieces of dreams and woven them into the fabric called America, we have given till we can’t give anymore and then gotten back up and given one more time, it is that never die spirit of which we inherited, the just one more pass in the garden, one more turn of the screw, one more coat of paint and just one more mile to go lazy Americans. It is the greasy mechanic, the sweet girl who smiles as she pours her hundredth glass of tea; it is the old man who greets you at Wal-Mart, and the old woman behind the counter. It is the guy who takes your trash to the dump or the one who cleans your septic tank; those are some of the lazy Americans.

It is the soldier in Iraq who eats sand for breakfast lunch and supper, it is the ones who are fighting and the ones for whom the fight is over and their maker has called them up. It is the Mother who has taken in people’s laundry and sewing, the one who scrubs the floors at the office where you work so she can afford to send her kid to college. It is the lady at the front desk who checks you in when you are away from home, it is the one who cools the fevered brow on her late night rounds, they are the lazy Americans, they are the ones you dare to insult, the ones who pay the taxes and work from sun up to sun down just to make up for what is taken from their checks to help those who would come to our country to take those jobs from the lazy Americans.

We have poured our heart and soul into this country; we have fought for this country, we have cried with this country, we are this country. From the man behind the wheel of the eighteen wheeler to the child on the tricycle we are this country. From the man who plants the seed to the man who picks the crop, we have sown our roots in this country and now that it is starting to grow you would bring someone else in to reap the harvest and we the lazy Americans are not about to allow that to happen. It never occurred to us as we were working all those hours, when we were shedding blood sweat and tears that we were not good enough, that we were somehow not fast enough, not smart enough to be considered a good American. We never in our lives imagined that what we built from nothing was inept, lacking in diversity and no where near what those we elected considered good enough, and we never believed that those people we elected would dare call us the lazy Americans.

Tonight when you check in at that posh hotel, paid for by our tax dollars you just might be greeted by one of those lazy Americans, when you pick up your clothes from the cleaners be sure and tell that lazy American hello. When your driver stops for gas and the lazy American comes out to pump it for you be sure and tell him where that money coming out of his check is going. When that lazy American cop pulls you over think nothing of it he just does that for fun, it’s not exactly like he has a family to feed. When that lazy American nurse wipes your brow be sure and tell her that they can get someone else to do that job for less pay and they would do it more often, with more passion because they aren’t lazy like the Americans are. And when that lazy American goes in to the polling place to decide who it is he trusts to handle his tax dollars, unless you can find someone else more qualified who will do it for less, you will answer to the lazy Americans.

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