al Qaeda Is An Ism Not A Nation

By: Ken Hughes

When we hear reports of destructive things happening within our boarders the media politicians and law enforcement are quick to point out, there’s no evidence of terror involved. There are several reasons to disregard those statements. In these times it would be prudent to assume all incidents of death and destruction are terror related, we can change our minds once its sorted out. We should assume the worst first and work our way backwards to the truth. That would involve eavesdropping, covert surveillance and profiling where circumstances dictate. This is no longer our Founding Fathers America. The founding fathers made it possible but difficult to amend the constitution, they should have made it impossible to sidestep it as congress has done for the past 50 years. The duty of the Supreme Court is to interpret the law. The Court in their zeal to legislate from the bench has failed their duties and congress acquiesces.

When a suicide bomber blows up an Israeli Market killing dozens it’s a terrorist attack. When a car bomb explodes near a school in Baghdad it’s a terrorist attack. When an Illegal alien murders a family in New Jersey or a Muslim convert goes on a sniping spree in the Nations Capital randomly killing innocent people, there’re not sure its’ terror related [duh.] Terror by its very definition are acts meant to scare people and do harm ergo terrorism.

By not accepting international terrorism as an age old culture and trying to relate it back only to the al Qaeda of Osama bin Laden is to ignore what’s really happening around the world. To understand terrorism we must first recognize there are inherently evil people in the world. They aren’t necessarily evil because of some deep seated physiological problems. They’re evil because they were born and nurtured that way. The culture they were born into is evil and has been for generations. A culture that values their livestock more than their woman is evil by modern civilized standards. That brings up the question why so many in our own country make excuses for the terrorists by blaming the current administration for advancing terrorism. Terrorism is advancing because it is allowed to by the Politically Correct Liberals around the world.

If we are to believe the Bible, Qur’aan and the Talmud acts of violence [i.e. terrorism] dates back as far as recorded history, and yet terrorism has never prevailed. Mans desire to be free always prevails and there’s always a price to pay. al Qaeda is but one more of mans battles for survival. Right will win over evil, evil will never give up. I’m sure it has something to do with Gods plans for mankind, God isn’t talking.

Man is the only arrogant beast on this earth. Other animals posture but know when and where it’s acceptable. Of all the animals on this earth man is the only one who does battle without a reason. Since man has the capabilities of reason why not put it to better use.

The United Nations was founded in 1945 in San Francisco California to be the peace keepers of the world. It never happened, by the turn of the decade communism had swallowed up nearly half the globe. The first UN effort at keeping the peace came in Korea, and that was UN peacekeeping in name only, only a few of the nation who committed to world peace were willing to join in the efforts with the United States to save half of Korea from what has become one of the most brutal dictatorships on earth.

The world is divided between the terrorists and the good guys for the most part the UN is siding with the terrorists, and why is that? It’s democracy in action or so they say. Tiny Dictatorships are given a seat at the UN with equal status as the larger nations enjoy. It’s these Banana Republics who have the majority to dictate the direction the UN takes. If I were the next president of the US I would pay to have the UN headquarters relocated in the Sudan or some other despicable place where the people are starving right under their noses.

Piety neither saves lives nor protects them. Those who live by the sward should die by the sword. I think the old adage “Beat the swords into plow shears” was intended to be done after all the battles had been won and the terrorists vanquished.

Once again the current crops of presidential candidates on both sides are pandering to the milk toasts among us. The next serious attack on America and the public will demand vengeance just as they did after 9/11. What ever administration is in power the public and congress shouts it in to action the moment something happens. Then they don’t stick around for the finish.
World War II was the last time the public and congress stood by an administration until the job was finished. Does that make them anymore un-American no it makes them totally American. Most Civilian Americans have never experienced the horrors of war up close and personal. They’ve never seen bodies lying in the middle of Main Street decaying. They’ve never seem their adolescent children drug off and raped. Americans don’t go without the creature comforts such as water, electricity, food and waste disposals for a day with out complaining. These are things the terrorists around the world are depriving their captive’s villagers of.

We read article by pundits who’ve never seen a battle zone, who’ve never meet a terrorist or revolutionary. They have no idea of what they say being true or not. They say it because t sounds PC, it sounds compassionate. While they manage to besmirch our administration and our soldiers and make excuses for the terrorist, the terrorists are beheading and torturing innocent civilians and flooding the world media with the proof. Killing is an honorable achievement in this pseudo-Islamic culture they belong to.

How can a civilized nation such as America be so callus not to see the forest beyond their misguided compassion.

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