Rudy Giuliani: Heir Apparent to the Throne of King W?

By: John Lillpop

With January 20, 2009 just two Christmases away, many Americans are already anxiously counting the months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes until King W makes Crawford, Texas his full time residence, rather than just a six month a year vacation hide away as is now the case.

Known for traveling light, W is expected to take but two items with him to commemorate the “Worst Presidency in U.S. History.” Those items are his notorious “Mission Accomplished” banner and a copy of “Spanish for Dummies.”

Conservatives hoping to replace Bush with a real conservative face a most daunting challenge. Indeed, it is astounding that Rudy Giuliani is doing as well as he is in national polls among likely Republican voters.

After all, Giuliani has a history of being wrong on nearly every issue that matters. He is a pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-illegal alien, and anti-rule of law charlatan.

Were it not for the fact that he speaks understandable English, Giuliani would be indistinguishable from W.

Come to think of it, Giuliani is different from W in another important regard: W has spent all of his 9/11 good will and has been running an approval deficit for years, while Giuliani is still milking one of the most tragic days in American history.

Giuliani continues to be seen as “America’s Mayor” and a hero for providing nanny comfort to New Yorkers on 9/11. But, honestly, what did Giuliani do that was heroic, out of the ordinary, or deserving of immediate sainthood?

He attended funerals non-stop, make speeches to encourage and inspire frightened New Yorkers, and returned a $10 million check to a Saudi Arabian prince who sought to undermine America’s strong and historic commitment to Israel.

In doing all of those good deeds, Giuliani was an inspiring figure at a time of grave crisis. But he was hardly a hero.

Giuliani did only what would be expected from the mayor of a great American city–it would have been unthinkable for him to do otherwise.

In any event, how in the hell does being New York’s grandfather, father, psychiatrist, and Mister Rogers on 9/11 qualify Giuliani to be president of these United States? They obviously do not!

Conservatives still on the fence about this leftist in Republican clothing should consider his most recent shenanigans on illegal aliens.

In a recent speech, Giuliani said, “We can end illegal immigration. I promise you we can end illegal immigration,” which contradicts several statements he made as Mayor of New York.

Giuliani’s true stripes were made apparent in a more recent public appearance at which Giuliani declared that the 12-30 million illegal aliens now in America should be given a path to citizenship.

Giuliani calls it “earned citizenship,” American patriots recognize it as a rehash of King W’s amnesty scam.

This nation desperately needs to enforce the concept of earned citizenship, but not by legalizing criminal behavior.

Earned citizenship should be done the old fashioned way: The want-to-be citizen applies for citizenship, takes his or her place at the end of the line, submits to the various background, credit, character, and medical checks required by the United States government, and waits until the U.S. acts.

That means that hopeful applicant stays in Mexico, or Nicaragua, or Peru until America decides if the application is to be approved and when.

No foreign person, regardless of how good hearted and hard working has the right to waltz across U.S. borders and set up residency unilaterally.

Even Rudy Giuliani should recognize that those who jump a fence and head north without regard to U.S. borders and laws are criminals.

Such people should not be rewarded with “earned citizenship,” but should be deported as soon as possible.

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