Government sponsored, church backed crime wave

By: Carolyn Hileman

They call it the next civil rights movement although the differences could not be more glaringly different. The Civil rights movement was about rights that rightfully belonged to a people who were forced to come to America and work as slaves, it was about their descendents and their place in the future of a country their slave labor had helped build. It was not about a people who decided that what was in America was better than what they had and decided to go there and take it by any means necessary. I would dare say those people who marched with Martin Luther King JR would never have dreamed of pelting counter protestors with beer cans, rock, balloons filled with water and such, no those people had class and dignity and they were not about to destroy something they helped build.

Not so with our so-called civil rights movement of today, even as the media portrays them as peaceful family oriented people they stand against the very people they claim to want to be one of and give them the finger, scream cuss words at the top of their lungs when the Pledge is being spoken and the Anthem being sang. They take the American flag from the flag poles and replace them with the Mexican flag; they throw rocks and beer cans at them all the while telling them that this is Mexico, what they didn’t show that on ABC, CBS or NBC? They can’t because if they do they will have to explain why they were telling us how well behaved they were.

These people can not only come into our country illegally, they can steal your identity and no one will stop them they can commit a myriad of crimes but unless they attract national attention like the murders in New Jersey, they will not be arrested and you can forget deportation. This is not just in sanctuary cities it is in your city as well, have you asked your police and sheriffs department what they do if they suspect some one is here illegally? They look the other way, they pretend they don’t see them and do you want to know why, it is because if they don’t pretend not to see they have to do something. What we have here is nothing more than a government sponsored, church backed crime wave.

How else does one explain how these people who are in our country illegally, can rape children, steal peoples ID’s, drive drunk, throw rock, bottles, cans and anything they can get their hands on not only at Anti Illegal immigrant protestors and not a single one is arrested, no one is deported. How is it they can pull down an American flag at a post office a government building, and not have federal charges filed against them? How is it a man who raped a young girl when she was 4, 5, and 6 gets bond? The immigration cheerleader on Fox the other day wanted to know why the New Jersey murders had to have to be about illegal immigration, it didn’t have to be but it was an illegal immigrant who killed them. He didn’t have to be in our country, these children didn’t have to die, but with our government sponsored, church back crime wave it did happen, they did die and he did do it and he was in our country illegally.

Americans are a kind people, a accepting people, but when we look around and see our laws being broken constantly and with the apparent approval of not only our government but our churches, we start wondering. We start wondering why it is one set of laws apply to some people but not all, we start wondering why our children must die at the hands of people who should not even be in this country and then we start wondering why our law enforcement are not stopping these people, why our judges are not sending them home and why our elected officials are not demanding our laws be enforced and why our churches are allowing them safe haven. When we look around our cities and towns where everything we knew is now gone and replaced by their stores, their language we start wondering well in the Hell we live and why they have been allowed a government sponsored, church backed crime wave.

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