When Vice Presidents Are Silent

By: Carolyn Hileman

You know I think I can remember only two times in my life that the Vice Presidents were silent on an issue and I have taken that to mean that they disapprove. Take for instance Gore during the Monica thing. His silence spoke volumes. It said I don’t even wish to taint my Vice presidency with this discussion, now one has to wonder if Dick Cheney may be saying the same thing on the immigration issue.

Now give it some thought, when was the last time anyone knew of Dick Cheney being shy? He has faced down critics on Iraq, the detention centers and just about anything you can imagine and suddenly he is holding his tongue on the hottest topic of the year??? Now while it can be said that he isn’t shy, it can also be said that he does not go around putting down the president and telling everyone how he would do something better, he leaves that to the liberals. But does the fact that he has yet to throw his weight behind this issue mean he disapproves, or that he has no opinion, or that he is just being a statesman?

Now it could be that he thinks that if he gets behind it, it will only cause more trouble for the president since everyone thinks he is running the show anyway, but I doubt it. This is not a man who cannot show his utter disapproval of an issue and I suspect if he were to be asked about it he probably would dance around it in hopes of not saying anything bad about his boss but agree with it don’t think so. You see anyone who has watched this man knows that if he believes in something he will hit every talk show circuit in town to try and convince us this is good for the country, he has been completely mum on this subject and I think it means something when Vice presidents are silent…

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