Toto we’re not in America anymore

By: Carolyn Hileman

If you feel like you have woken up in the Land of Oz, be not afraid because most American citizens who have a clue what is going on fell down that hole right along with you. We have been feverishly trying to get back out of the hole and as of right now the darn shoes are not working.

We have American citizens who have been served with papers for trying to see their council woman to protest a day labor center, charged with trespassing while in her waiting room. As proof that the illegal immigrants are invisible to most law enforcement some of them were able to climb up to a billboard, paint over an American flag and replace it with a swastika and these people were not seen doing this? No one noticed anything or if they did they decided it was not their business, and that decision my friends made by Americans for to long is why we are in this mess to begin with, it is your business, it is my business, it is everyone’s business, if there are people in this country who have broken the law just by being here then it is our business if we know this to report it and demand someone come get them.

Now I know they keep saying we need to find a heart but I think we would be better served to find courage, courage to stand up and say enough. No one is asking you to stand in the streets and protest however if you want to we certainly will not stop you. What we are asking you to do is find the courage to pick up that phone and call ICE if you know or suspect there are illegal immigrants in your community, it is that simple and it could help get us back to the America we love. I know right now you are thinking what will my phone call do, a lot of people were asking that same question of themselves during the amnesty debates and those one phone calls shut down the senate switchboard. You are not alone, you have never been alone, the media would love for you to think you are alone but they are lying to you, the majority of America wants this illegal invasion stopped and they want to see action on this issue.

Now the candidates are going to talk a good game, but more than likely the minute they are elected this issue will either disappear or they will have developed a conscience bought and paid for by big business and LARAZA, so it is up to you and I. It is our fight they might say it is theirs but we all know they don’t send their kids to over crowded schools where they come in second behind those kids needing to learn English, they don’t have them blocking their driveways with their cars, they don’t have them playing loud music all hours of the night, they have yet to have one of their chickens, horses, cows or goats munching on their grass. No they live in those nice exclusive neighborhoods where you must be a certain income level or a certain breed to live their and they look down on us and talk about how we are the nativists, how we shouldn’t discriminate. No this is not their war, it is not their jobs at risk, not their children at risk, it is our lives at risk and we had better get ready to fight.

This fight entails using everything in our power to stop these people, if you suspect they are working with you call ICE and demand a raid, if you suspect that the people living in the single family home housing twenty people are illegal it is time to pick up the phone. I really do not care if the people from ICE want to hear from us, they work for us, they are a branch of the US Government and as such they work for the taxpayers of America so if you are a taxpayer, they work for you. It is time to take back our streets, our schools, our hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, downtowns, our lives, because Toto, we’re not in America anymore….

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