Marching With The Enemy

By: Carolyn Hileman

They say politics makes strange bed fellows, but jumping into bed with the enemy to serve your cause can sometimes be very dangerous when all parties are desirous of exactly the same thing; the sole rule of the United States of America. About a year ago America watched in awe as these groups of people under the skillful guidance of ANSWER marched in our streets screaming today we march tomorrow we vote. They pulled it off so well that we were surprised and suitably concerned over just how many illegal immigrants there were in those marches. ANSWER is a very crafty organization it has its strength in numbers simply because it has at its beck and call a myriad of groups who all want attention and of course if they march with ANSWER they will get attention simply because ANSWER is an open borders group who believe even terrorists should roam free.

What is interesting is that on these days when the marches were the biggest there were several groups that are sworn enemies of each other, AZTLAN is known for teaching their people that American land is really theirs and that we stole it and they have come to reclaim it which I am sure does not sit well with ANSWER since to them the land belongs to everyone not just one group of people, then we have the socialist whose goal it is to unite everyone around a socialist economy where everyone is equal even the white Europeans that AZTLAN is trying to drive out. We also had the communist party, or should we say the NAZI party marching in this parade, the NAZI and the AZTLAN have one thing in common they believe in everything for their race, AZTLAN the Hispanic race the Nazi’s The Arian race [The Arian race was the white race meant to rule over the other races, more specifically the white German race] was the only race worthy of ruling and all other races were impure and unworthy. Which I am sure was to the chagrin of ANSWER who would have us believe that everyone is equal and therefore is entitled to anything they want with out question or having to work for it.

The only problem with these strange bedfellows is that each of them want to dominate and each of them want the other destroyed, while one can understand why each group would wish to join with ANSWER since they advocate open borders which is what they would need to gain a foothold in America, one has to believe that this alliance if there truly is one would soon come unraveled once one group had more people in place than the other and then we would be privy to each of these groups destroying each other. While we have touched on AZTLAN and the NAZI marchers we did not even touch the Muslims, who believe all Americans are to be destroyed and do not discriminate between race or creed the march was led by Latino Movement USA, Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, and including the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Confederacion de Organizaciones Mexicanas, Casa Nicaragua, La Casa Del Mexicano, Federacion de Clubes Michoacanos en California, Central American Round Table, Los Angeles councilmember Jose Huizar, Spanish-language radio host Don Cheto, United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), People’s CORE, United Farmworkers of America, Alianza de Hondurenos de Los Angeles and others. Impressive amount of groups if they can manage to work together and there in lies the problem.

The assumption that all of these groups want the same thing is ridiculous and dangerous simply because they do not each of these groups have their own ideology and goals and one must suspect that they will terminate anyone who gets in the way of those goals. While the Nazi movement may tolerate the illegal immigrants in order to obtain their goal of eventual control in the United States one must remember they believe there is only one pure race and that once they have achieved dominance they will set out to cleanse us of any un pure race. AZTLAN on the other hand has a goal of ridding America of what they consider the true illegal immigrants the white and black people of America, the Muslims once they achieve enough numbers will simply destroy any one left in America in order to create their pure religion. This of course does not include any of the other groups who were marching during those pro immigrant rallies and does not even entertain the thought of what they might have in mind, but one might want to think about what might happen when you are marching with the enemy.

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