Fred Thompson Come On In The Waters Fine

By: Ken Hughes

Fred Thompson keeps saying he’s testing the water, the waters fine Fred jump in. This maybe, maybe not has worn out its welcome. If Fred Thompson is going to play in the game he has to get in the game. The game he’s’ playing isn’t fair to his fellow Republican candidates. At this point Fred Thompson’s popularity exceed even that of Giuliani, The polls aren’t reflecting what the internet is showing. An article written about Fred Thompson draws more interest from readers than one written about Giuliani or any candidate including Hillary.

There are many of us who would like to support Fred Thompson for president who is beginning to feel the parade may be passing us by. He can’t win a nomination by sitting on the sidelines toying with his supporters emotions. In the beginning many thought waiting to announce was political strategy, now some are beginning to wonder if its fear that’s holding him back. Is Fred weighing a lucrative TV career against the possibility of losing the nomination and the election? Fred’s a smart country lawyer but so was Williams Jennings Bryan,

Fred Thompson has an opportunity to make a difference in the way this country is perceived. He has the skills and the tools to go to the people bypassing traditional ways of campaigning and make his case without media interpretation. The time is right in this campaign to use new tactics this is possible by taking advantage of the internet bloggers. Anything that’s posted on the internet starting with “Fred Thompson” is sure to gather attention.

Much of what Fred Thompson stands for is available on the internet now, however it isn’t being covered by the MSM, they prefer to delve into his personal information that has little to do with is presidential qualifications.
The next president isn’t going to be able to be their own person. If they’re going to be successful at the job they must find a way to bring the presidency back to leading by a consensus with congress, that will apply to whom ever is president. They must take command of the MSM and force them to be fair and to stick to the issues.

The American public is becoming more aware of politics and the how’s and whys. The old die hard party hacks are disappearing, these days the public is taking a more realistic look at their government and they don’t like what they see. They see a government ruled by party politics and not the three separate but equal branch established in the constitution. The public is beginning to see an electorate irrelevant to the voters a government that no longer believes in “We the people” rather only elected officials.

Fred Thompson needs to take a page from Ronald Reagan’s style of communication. When Reagan couldn’t budge congress he went to the people, it usually got him what he wanted, and what he wanted was usually best for the people and the country. We’re not suggesting Fred Thompson become a clone of Reagan, but those who don’t take the best from history are only half smart.

George Bush is an honorable man who believed other men where equally honorable. To the old timers in the sand hills of West Texas where a mans word is worth more than his fortune, they believed in honor and commitment. When the big oil companies moved in on the Wildcatters all that changed, George Bush got caught in the transition. He moved into Sports and Politics where integrity is a sound bit and not a real word. George Bush took the first steps to bring terrorism to the forefront. He made the world aware terror was an organized [Ism] and not just a bunch of bad boys doing bad things. His honesty has cost him dearly.

The al Qaeda style terrorism isn’t going away, if anything it’s going to increase with time. This new brand of barbarism makes no sense in the western world, To the Islamic extremists it’s 4,000 years of culture. Islam once the crater of civilization began wasting away under the leadership of Muhammad and it reverted back to barbarism. The various religions have kept the Middle East in turmoil for centuries. This nation can’t sit ideally by and allow it to spread over into our society. Accepting Muslims into our society would be well and good but they aren’t about to abide by ours or accept us into theirs.

We need a president who’s will to draw a line that foreign influence on American society can’t cross. We can still be a nation of legal immigrants who are willing to accept our constitution as theirs. We can’t be a nation that allows foreign religions to dictate who we are and how we believe.

If Fred Thompson is our man let him say so now or step aside and let others fight the good fight.

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