Mother to Mother an Open Letter to Arellano

By: Carolyn Hileman

Today we are going to put all of the illegal immigrant propaganda aside. Neither side will be quoted and neither side will be heralded. Today we are going to be just mother to mother.

While I can understand wanting the very best for my children, I also understand that my children must work for what they want, that it simply cannot be given to them because they do not learn to appreciate the value of that gift unless they have done something worthy of obtaining it. You spent seven years of young Saul’s life teaching him to lie and cheat. You taught him that there was no authority greater than want. You could have taught him values. You could have shown him how to be a good person and how to work for what he wanted, how to obtain his dreams without fear of someone taking them away and punishing him, yet you chose to teach your son that if you cannot get what you want the right way to take it anyway. And if someone tries to take it from you, hide and start a riot until they give up and walk away out of utter disgust.

You chose to teach your son that the church, rather than a sanctuary for Christians being persecuted, was a sanctuary for people who wantonly disobeyed the law. Rather than teach him about God and how he expects us to live right and to give to others you showed him that God was nothing more than another hideout. Early on in our religious education we Catholics learn that it does not matter how many times you go to confession you are not truly forgiven unless you are truly sorry for your sins. By your actions after leaving I am guessing you are still not sorry for your sins and that you still believe what you were doing was right. You took the one place that your son could go to, to be with friends and people who cared and turned it into a nightmare for that young boy.

He will forever remember hiding in that church. He may remember to run there if he commits a crime but I doubt he will ever think to go there if he just needs guidance, because that is not what you taught him it was for.

Rather than be strong and show your young son how to be a good, decent human being you chose to think only of yourself. You sent your child to plea for your sanctuary in America and to fight for rights you never had, rights that he had, that you were flaunting.

I know it hurts to be separated from your son. I don’t much like it when mine spend the night with friends and I really don’t want to think about how your young son is hurting right now. But the simple fact of the matter is you did this to yourself and to your son. No one told you to come here illegally not once, but twice. You chose to have this child and all of the responsibility that came with it and you are no different than any mother who has been forced to give up their child because they were living a life of crime. Families get separated every single day in America and I have to assume some other mothers who made bad decisions in their lives would love the opportunity to hide out in a church with their children for a year and then be called an activist. You may be Hispanic, but you are no different than any mother on this planet.

I can only hope that who ever has Saul at this point is teaching him right from wrong, teaching him of the love the Father has for his children who will only follow him. Teach him that the church is not to be used to divide people but to unite them, take him to CCD and sacrament class so that he may learn how to be what God wants him to be and not a pawn in a battle to win your way.

That little boy was forced to grow up way to soon, not allowed to do what little eight year old boys would normally get to do. I hope someone takes him swimming, teaches him to fish and shows him how to ride a bike; this little boy never asked to be put in that position and it was not the United States of America that put him there, it was not a bunch of racist hicks who decided their battle must be fought by an eight year old boy. It was you, and I hope one day you will find the courage to apologize to that young man for the disservice you did him.

As I said earlier this is not about the illegal immigrant debate, this is not about you and me; what we want. This is about a little boy who by your actions has been taken from his mother and I just wanted to mention that to you Mother to Mother.

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