Jessie, Jessie, Jessie

By: Carolyn Hileman

“The national scourge of illegal guns.” Is that what you call it? I mean really you are going to use your name to try and take away the only protection people have from the illegal immigrants you have yet to even mention? Now I know and you know that had those sweet innocent children in New Jersey been killed by white people you and your press core would have descended upon that poor little town and swooped up every suspect white person to lynch, however since this atrocity was committed by illegal immigrants and they are considered to be of color you are going to make this about guns.

OK, I will go there, the gun magically picked itself up, it magically made three innocent children bow down and then do you know what it did, it fired not once but four times fortunately since no one was holding it botched the job on one, is that really the story you want to go with Jessie? You cannot spare a moment of your precious time to at least go mourn with these families you must go out and dupe the innocent people of America into handing over their only form of protection. You know you should really be in senate with Teddy Kennedy who claims that by giving amnesty to the illegal immigrants we will some how be safer. Those people honestly believe that the illegal immigrants whom wish to do us harm are going to show up and tell us, just like you honestly believe the criminals are going to willingly hand over their guns.

Could you please tell us why it is you are not out there with your press core demanding an end to the real threats to the black and white people alike? I know if those threats end no one will send you any more money will they. You will have to forgive me I tend to get a little testy when anyone tries to take away my constitutional right to bear arms and ignores the real scourge of national proportions. The scourge of cities who willingly protect people who are not citizens and who do not belong here and protect them so well that they are able to walk the streets and murder and rape, the scourge of law enforcement officers who willing follow that rule even though they are sworn to protect the citizens, the scourge of judges who willing give bail to a child molester, the scourge of politicians, who rather that attempt to protect the country they swore to protect instead sell us out like we are day old bread and don’t kid yourself Jessie I am talking about you as well.

While I know a gun in the hands of the wrong people can be very dangerous I also know the laws of this country in the hands of the wrong people can be devastating. At present we have terrorists living in our country, we have illegal immigrants living in our country, and we have people living in our country whose actions imply they are working with them to bring down our country. When you talk about the black people serving our country do you say it with pride? I haven’t heard you so I was wondering, I have heard you say it with utter disdain like they were pressed into slavery, not the heroes that they really are, but they do not fit in the plan to destroy America so they must be spoken of as if they have no control over their lives and are just pawns of the American white folks. God forbid anyone say that they are intelligent young men and women who made a conscience decision to serve their country, why that would imply that black people didn’t need you to tell them how to act and behave and how they will always be a victim.

I am guessing by now my disgust of you is showing through, I think you and your ilk are the main reason that the black people in this country have been held back for so long. I think that you and your liberal friends are the reason the American citizens have no real protection and that you would dearly love to overturn constitutional precedence if you thought it would get you another dollar. You have no ones interest at heart but your own, all you care about is how many people you can dupe into believing they are a victim and how much money they send to you so that they can remain your victim. As for my gun sir, they will pry it from my cold dead fingers, and I think I speak for a lot of other Americans as well. Jessie, Jessie, Jessie….

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