Are We Safer Today Than We Were Six Years Ago?

By: Carolyn Hileman

He packs his carry on bag, says his prayers and picks up his razor. Another teaches his students that there was in fact no treaty, there was no payment the United States stole this land and it is their duty to take it back. While still another, in an attempt to better his life, is smuggling humans across the border at $2000.00 a head so he can afford to live the American dream. He has noticed though that it is not just Mexicans using his services anymore. He has no idea where they come from he doesn’t speak their language, but money talks so he takes them anyway.

In communities all across this great country of ours there are people whom we do not know, whom we do not know what their intentions are, whom we are simply trusting to do the right thing and this is not an attempt to strike fear in hearts of millions it is simple fact. No longer do we wonder when someone is doing something out of the ordinary; why that would be politically incorrect. We do not question those who are different simply because they will scream racism and we do not wish to be branded as that. We in the last six years have gone to the other extreme. We have learned to accept. We have learned to embrace. And we have learned to invite our own destruction.

No one feels comfortable reporting suspicious activity simply because they will be either labeled a racist or sued. If people were already uncomfortable reporting crime before 9/11 they are down right frightened to do it now in a world where everything is accepted but them. We have opened our classrooms to Muslim prayers and closed it to Christians. We have allowed any child regardless of their nationality to roam our school campuses and we have opened our doors wide open to anyone wishing to do us harm. While one would hope that all of this welcoming spirit might endear us to the enemy, they would most likely be mistaken. What this is actually doing is giving them the opportunity to infiltrate every inch of our country and to do so under the protection of those who want peace at any cost.

Today a teacher would not feel comfortable questioning a Palestinian student who had a peculiar bulge under his shirt, nor would they feel comfortable calling the police simply because if nothing came of it they would be marked a racist and possibly reprimanded by the school board. Police officers whose job is already filled with rules even the judges do not understand now are being asked to either check immigrant status or not depending on whether the ACLU has had the ruling thrown out on a particular day. The men and women who patrol our border have their hands tied to the point all they can really do without getting in trouble is report those who have come across. A passenger on an airplane may or may not report suspicious activity simply because they might be sued or have their names plastered across every news paper in America as the person who turned in a peaceful foreigner who was just going to visit his sick aunt and take her some chicken soup.

As of the last amnesty bill that was defeated there were 12 -20 million illegal immigrants in this country, that is 12 20 million people whom we have no idea what they plan, who they are and where they are from, that is 12 20 million chances that one of them are terrorists and this time they will get it right. Not every one wishes us harm and I am sure that a lot of them have come here to make their lives better. But the sad fact is that to a Muslim terrorist to make his life better would be to kill thousands of Americans, to a member of AZTLAN it is to take back most of America and once again claim it as their own, to some Palestinians it is to punish America for her allegiance with Israel, and for others it is to secure your social security number in order to get a job and credit.

After 9/11 we were asked to be diligent and we were promptly admonished for doing so, we were told to look for anything suspicious and then told that nothing was really suspicious. We have been pushed and pulled in so many different directions since that day that even our government has began to look suspicious. We have come to understand that if anything happens we will be on our own, that we are the new flight 93, the lone Americans standing up for our country and the ones who will be responsible for bringing down yet another attack. People across the country were in shock and utter dismay when they called the cops about the huge gatherings in our streets during the grand marches, many of us considered that at the very least suspicious if not dangerous and were told they had the right to do so, so we really shouldn’t worry about that either.

It leaves one to wonder what those 12-20 million people are discussing at the dinner table, are they discussing their plans for tomorrow, do those plans include us, should we worry about that either? I can not answer for sure if we are any safer, I thought I knew, but I don’t. I cannot shake the feeling that at least one of those discussions at the dinner table might end an American life and if that is the case then no we are not, so I will leave that question up to you are we safer today than we were six years ago?

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