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September 4, 2007

When Religion Fails in America – Prophecy Will Not

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 04 Sep 2007

In America secular forces are actively trying to give Christianity the boot. Day by day trusted biblical precepts are being scoffed at, openly ignored and actively fought against. America chooses to ignore its foundations in the bible while Europe is …

Time to stop talking about it

Filed under: Politics In General,The Republicans - 04 Sep 2007

Ok, we have had numbers of people who have said we need to take the Republican Party back, some have set up blogs, some are writing about it and even more are just complaining about it. I know it seems …

What to Do With Senator Larry Craig? Did He Lie About Lying?

Filed under: Politics In General - 04 Sep 2007

In another distressing sign pointing to the moral and ethical decay of the grandest society known to God, Senator Larry Craig has committed an unforgivable sin for any official entrusted with the public trust: The man lied! This accusation is …

How the Nanny State Destroys Jobs

Filed under: Economics,The Nanny State - 04 Sep 2007

In Sidney, Montana the owner of the local McDonald’s fast food joint cannot get workers to staff his restaurant. This sounds like a bad thing, and for owner John Francis, it is, but, this loss of workers is because of …

Gonzales Resignation Exemplifies GOP Travails

Filed under: Featured Conservative,The Republicans - 04 Sep 2007

Democrat victory dances have not ceased since last year’s elections, and have plainly been invigorated by the recent resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Yet the party of Kennedy, Schumer, Reid, and Pelosi remains in the dark as to any …